Optimizing Legal Processes Using Technology

Legal aid software to simplify litigants’ access to legal services

We understand that legal processes and procedures are quite complex and tedious. This need not be the case always. By working with legal aid services across America we have developed a web-based solution that can help reduce your legal-aid service time considerably. We help legal organizations process more clients, enable legal comprehension and cut costs all from a single customizable solution.

Our solution can help accelerate vital processes in your organization. As a legal management system, it sets the standard by incorporating a set of features and functionalities, which guides self-represented litigants conveniently obtain access to legal services. For example, the web-based interview system of our solution can perform the initial user screening of applicants. The data captured here can be easily shared with other participating systems making communication and collaboration efficient and easy. Being a legal technology services provider, we utilize research to analyze areas of legal proceedings where litigants face difficulties.

As a result, our legal services case management software bridges the divide in access to legal care among all the sections of the society. Essentially, we simplify your legal processes for your litigants as well as your team making it easy even for people with low literacy levels. Our aim is to enable greater access to legal services for everyone, in real time.

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Client Testimonial

“The online applications being integrated with PIKA, our case management system (by integration, I mean that the data provided on the online applications is automatically entered into PIKA upon submission).

Prior to integration with PIKA, intake paralegals would manually enter the information/data from the online applications in PIKA, typically through cut/paste. Post integration with PIKA, data entry is no longer necessary, which saves a significant amount of time! Intake staff currently process twice as many online applications in any given time period than they did prior to the integration. They’re now processing 50 applications in the same time it took to process 25. This is a significant improvement!”

Laurel Heer DaleDirector of Client and Community Engagement Services, Legal Aid of Nebraska

What can our solution do for you?

Identify legal problems based on litigant answers through an advanced questionnaire system.

Determine if litigants are eligible for free legal services based on their response.

Guide litigants quickly to free legal services and information.

Direct any user to helpful legal guides and resources based on their requirement.

Screen clients depending on the case-acceptance guidelines of the local legal services program and check the client’s eligibility for legal services.

See how Legal Aid Of Nebraska improved their processes, increasing efficiency by 60%.
Read more about their success story in our
Case Study!

AI Chatbot to Simplify your Intake Process

A smart and autonomous 24×7 support desk for your client legal needs!

Our advanced AI chatbot uses natural language processing to activate a new channel for the intake process while also providing legal information to its users 24 hours 7 days a week.
Our Chatbot can help you-

  • Identify legal problems based on their interaction with the client.
  • Guide litigants quickly to free legal services and information based on their eligibility.
  • Direct any user to helpful legal guides and resources based on their requirement.
  • Provide a new and faster avenue for the intake process for the people with legal needs with the help of chatbot.
  • Automatically filter litigants depending on the case acceptance guidelines of the client’s local legal services program and eligibility.

OCR Technology to Digitize your Paper Documents

Smart Document Digitization System to Automate your Manual Processes

Our OCR system pulls out the text from an uploaded document such as an Eviction Notice and identifies the details like court hearing dates or concerned parties of the case etc. This data can then be linked to relevant forms and can set priorities for advocates automatically. Such an automated process eliminates the manual data entry process altogether enabling you to focus more on your clients.

Major functionalities

  • Automates the manual process of setting up priorities for advocates.
  • Speeds up other manual document processes to increase efficiency.