About the application

The mobile app is a customized, trusted, location-sensitive personal security app that assists travellers by providing personalized and quantifiable travel security content. The app crowd-sources data feeds from global sources to fuel proprietary risk algorithms, which deliver powerful threat temperatures to assess relative vulnerability anywhere in the world. It covers everything from cyber concerns and political threats to environmental and health hazards in the region.

Fingent’s approach

Fingent developed the mobile application which is powered by a highly sophisticated analytical engine. The app combines hundreds of evaluated information sources including those from the CDC, WHO, United Nations, State Department, Interpol, local authorities and updated global crime statistics. The engine further analyzes this data to provide recommendation to its users.

Data from trusted sources plus crowd-sourced reports are integrated with smart data driven, statistical algorithms.

Covers six critical safety categories: physical harm, basic freedoms, overall security, theft, disease and specific threats to women’s safety.

Enhanced mapping systems for faster interaction.

Global community updates- users can join communities and share their thoughts and experience about the safety of the place.

Ensure safety at a particular place by drilling down to the street level view.

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