About Client

The Client wanted to create a series of insightful dashboards that defined the performance of hospitals in the UK, based on numerous parameters. Partnering with NHS and utilizing the publically available data, the client wanted to compare healthcare performance and showcase hospitals with good success rates.

Fingent’s approach

Using NHS hospital performance data as input, Fingent designed the application to showcase interactive, visual graphs. These graphs are linked across multiple disciplines giving real-time access to vital information. The solution drills down to the minute details giving a detailed analysis of hospital performance across multiple parameters. The Solution analyses this data to deliver financial, clinical and geographical insights, highlighting key performance issues and indicators.

Interactive, visual graphs linked across multiple disciplines.

Real-Time access to vital information.

Detailed analysis of performance across parameters.

Customizable dashboards for individual requirement.

Delivers financial, clinical and geographical information.

Highlights key performance issues and indicators.