About Client

The Client owned a pet care/pet walking business and was very particular about taking care of pets and making his customers very happy and satisfied. Though he had seen software solutions that automated processes in the Pet care company he previously worked in, the solutions were not fully efficient and required manual intervention and efforts at many points. His previous experience with technologies and the business helped him realize there can be an advanced solution for all the limitations and challenges that he used to face with the software in his previous company.

Fingent’s approach

Fingent consulted his business and proposed an advanced pet care solution. The SaaS was suited for pet walking companies to manage their customers, operations, pets and processes. The app left no inefficient gaps in the operations, allowing the software to do its job while the staff could concentrate in providing a better experience for the pets and customers. The Solution is a web and mobile application designed to manage and schedule the services requested by the clients, with access for the staff to perform their services using QR code, and the ability to generate invoice and payroll information for the clients and employees as well.

Interactive maps for real time information.

Manage history of service activities.

Uses QR code for easy start and end of service.

Geo location helps Customers view the track where their pet was taken for walk.

Alerts and notifications for the staff (about the duties assigned with full details of the work), and the customers (about the welfare of their pets, current status and billing info).

Ability to upload photos.

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