About Five Brothers

Founded in 1967, Five Brothers provides innovative, regulatory-compliant default management services that save time, eliminate errors and increase efficiency for commercial and residential mortgage services nationwide. The assignment was to create a set of purpose-built software functions comprising Five Brother’s default management solution.

Fingent’s approach

Fingent created a comprehensive default management system comprising of several integrated components including BPO, QC, AVM, Workflow and Invoice and customized it to suit their business model. Fingent followed an interactive, “agile,” process to build out the required capabilities, resulting in the five discrete modules.

FiveonlineBPO:Real estate brokers and agents use this software to generate price opinions on properties by evaluating field inspections and other third party data within an integrated context.

FiveonlineQC:Field inspectors use this software to systematically assess and report on the quality of the interior and exterior of properties.

FiveAVM: This AVM (automated valuation model) tool uses proprietary algorithms to generate property value reports from a list of properties imported as CSV (comma separated value) format.

BPO-Portal: This portal system is a front-end which incorporates a full work order management and administration system on work order bids.

FiveInvoice: An e-invoicing system designed specifically for the mortgage industry with full workflow, managing transactions from invoicing through accounts payable.

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