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Last year the residential Real Estate industry generated $200 billion in revenue, and the commercial real estate brought in $35 billion! Though these are great numbers, the industry has its set of challenges. In this WP we will discuss about:

  1. The Challenges faced by property managers in the commercial, industrial and residential sector.
  2. The solutions that technology makes possible for these top 3 challenges:
  • Communication and Coordination
  • Time consumed in property viewings
  • Manual processes and inefficiencies

Fingent’s approach

Our custom applications have helped numerous real estate enterprises to flourish in the market. We believe in transforming enterprises with the emerging technologies.

With the  motive to reduce stress of property managers, we extend various customized solutions to tackle the most prevailing challenges of real estate market. The WP reveals how property managers can benefit from:

Property Management Life Cycle

A single platform that centralizes all aspects of the property management life cycle


A Self-Showing App

Property Management Solution

A vertically integrated property lifecycle management solution, which would streamline business operations and improve efficiency.

Real Estate

Client Testimonial

Beyond their technical knowledge, they are reliable. To this day, I would call Sam 20 times a dat at any hour, and he would respond.
Fingent's resources are highly experienced , professional and responsive. They suggest ways to streamline production and can work at a fast pace, making theam an ideal partner for startups. It would be good if Fingent caould offer 24/7 support, especially for clients in other time zones.

Colin BrechbillFounder/CEO At Rentmoji, Naples Florida

I've received positive feedback many times about the look and feel of the site.
Currently in the beta stage, the site was completed to a high level of quality with all the required functionality, while work is ongoing to simplify some of the features. The design is excellent, receiving many compliments and represented great value for the company

Ben SealeyFounder, SimpleRent, Knoxville Tennessee

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