About Client

The project was executed for a global marketing, web development and design company based in Arizona. It is one of the largest internet marketing firms in the southwest and has transformed the online presence and performance of hundreds of national and international companies, by improving their web design, internet marketing, PR, web traffic, and brand development.
The Client wanted a means by which they could keep their employees motivated and encouraged through instant appreciations and rewards.

Fingent’s approach

Fingent proposed the idea of a mobile app to instantly gratify employees for their extraordinary performances with streamlined appraisals and in-job benefits. The app, works in one of two ways- Cash Rewards & custom Kudos messages. With Cash Rewards, Managers can send cash to employees on the go, which hit their bank accounts instantly.  With the app, anyone in the company can send custom appreciation messages to others. It thus allows employees to appreciate and encourage one another, making everyone happy.

Complete accounting package.

Pre-paid card integration.

Employer to employee instant messaging and ACH transfer.

Instant cash transfer by selecting the employee’s name.

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