About Client

SCI LLC, headquartered in Queensbury, NY is the leading third party administrator for owner-operators in the United States transportation and logistics industry, specialized in different verticals like Settlement Processing, Personalized Customer Service, Logistics Management Technology, Owner Operator Programs, Fleet Data Visualization, Cargo Insurance, and more. They are the leading third party Contract Administrator for General Contractors of Independent Owner / Operators servicing the Courier and Light Trucking Industries with over 11,000 contract drivers servicing 400+ clients in 46 states.

Fingent’s approach

With constantly growing business, continuously moving workforce and emerging technology opportunities, SCI realized that limiting employees’ working options to desktops is indeed very unproductive. They approached Fingent for an enterprise mobility solution to transform their business.

Without a proper restructuring of their existing process, SCI could not achieve the efficiency that it aimed for. Fingent proposed to develop a mobile application in order to efficiently restructure their existing slow processes, that helps the registered drivers be up-to-date with all information about their vehicle and receive notifications of any announcements made by the company.

Enter and update all personal and vehicle-related information

Use camera to take picture of document and upload.

Upload crucial documents like licenses, permits, insurance certificates, and the like.

View the detailed earning information for each service.

View the benefits, news updates, and documents provided by the company.

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