About Lewtan

Lewtan is the leading provider of a wide range of content and technology-based solutions to members of the global asset-securitization industry. These include issuers, investors, underwriters, servicers, credit enhancers and rating agencies representing more than 300 institutions worldwide that rely on Lewtan intelligence and surveillance solutions.
Lewtan’s product maintenance management was a growing concern. As their products were developed from different business and technology streams, consolidation was a key issue. Lewtan approached Fingent to help them asses their current business and technology scenario and provide a road map towards modernization.

Fingent’s approach

Fingent deployed a thorough study of Lewtan products, their processes and infrastructure. A detailed study, involving product overviews from product managers, detailed overview and application demo was undertaken. Fingent reviewed code snippets and Database Schema along with the infrastructure and Management setup.
From the results of this study Fingent was able to formulate an extensive set of recommendations for Lewtan. With Fingent’s roadmap, Lewtan was able to understand their business scenario and were able to execute adequate steps to increase their efficiency. Fingent’s strategy also helped Lewtan modernize their products reaching a far wider audience effectively and efficiently.

Fingent strategized adaptable business process plans that helped Lewtan streamline critical business functions.

In the technology front Fingent identified gaps between the latest version and supported versions of their product. This also resulted in innumerable versions of source code maintained and supported by Lewtan, proving to be quite a challenge for technology consolidation.

Fingent further drafted a cloud product consolidation and migration strategy.

Fingent clearly defined a migration path that simplified technology transition.

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