About LindseyJones

LindseyJones was started in 1991 in Tyler Texas by a small team working at the University of Texas Health Center. LindseyJones provides exam-preparation services for Respiratory Therapists, using a combination of software and material such as optical storage devices and hard copy. They needed to evolve from practices that limited their efficiency and which reduced their productivity.

Fingent’s approach

Fingent proposed to provide a web-based application (called clinical simulations) that could interact with their clients who, for the most part, consisted of colleges, universities and technical teaching institutions. With this solution, LindseyJones effectively reduced their cost input by 80% and have successfully completed over 10,000 simulations across more than 60 universities.

It has personalized dashboards and advanced mobility management features that make it user-friendly and easily accessible for everyone.

It provides options for creating customized reports so as to extract useful insights.

It provides improved security that prevents plagiarism while enabling interactive assistance for students.

It provides a simple and user-friendly UI which facilitates in-house management of the solution byLindseyJones.

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