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Established in 1930, Camp Mohawk is one of the largest summer camping grounds in the country that runs traditional camping activities for campers between the ages of 3 – 15 and weekly tour programs. Faced with numerous hurdles in day camp management, Camp Mohawk wanted to radically improve their camping experience, streamline camp management and enable real-time communications between the parents of campers and staff.

Fingent’s Solution

Fingent, upon conducting a thorough requirements analysis, went ahead and built an application deployable over the web and mobile that helped Camp Mohawk measurably enhance their camping experience and facilitate real-time communication between the parents of campers and staff. The solution streamlined regular aspects of day camp management giving camp personnel a viable option to oversee campers, manage and monitor camp groups, create and view activities as well as bring in an effective means to redress parental concerns in a timely manner.

Direct message camp staff


Manage & monitor camp groups

Customized camp feed

Secured login

Personalized camper profiles

Events calendar

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