About NEC

NEC Corporation is a Japanese multinational provider of information technology (IT) services. It provides IT and network solutions to business enterprises, communications service providers and to Government agencies. The company was known as Nippon Electric Company Limited before re-branding in 1983 as just NEC. As a multi-million dollar organization, NEC soon identified inefficient practices by their dealers and vendors in their Quote management process. These practices caused huge resource leakage as well as a delay in the sales cycle for NEC. What they needed was a solution that helped to manage their quotes efficiently and also accelerated their sales cycle.

Fingent’s Approach

Fingent understood NEC’s core deficiencies and proposed a customized, scalable, web based application to streamline their quote management. After a thorough analysis of the processes involved in their quote generation system, Fingent identified their major pain points and was able to craft the perfect solution for NEC that helped them automate and simplify a number of their quote generation practices.

It has a built-in custom quote approval process that makes the cycle much faster.

It makes sharing of reports much easier with the help of personalized dashboards and PDF report generation.

It includes a payment calculation engine which further simplifies the process and hastens the cycle.

It strengthens privacy and security with features like separate roles and permissions management and application audit log.

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