About Client

Founded in 1886, Johnson and Johnson is an American multinational pharmaceutical, medical material and consumer goods manufacturer, headquartered in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Their consumer goods division is in Skillman, New Jersey and they have around 250 subsidiary companies operating in over 57 countries with their products selling in more than 175 countries.
The client had different types of functions like Packaging Material Change (PMC), Raw Material Change (RMC), PMC – material governance, RMC – material governance etc. and handled each of their events and projects using spreadsheet software. They began facing the obvious hurdles of using spreadsheet as they scaled up, and had difficulty managing their projects and materials across multiple locations.

Fingent’s approach

We proposed a customized project management solution that could help them identify project needs, manage communication with teams, escalate issues. The solution also provides them with features such as project creation, modification, and progression tracking. The project management solution had a desktop application that enabled data collection and extraction, in order to derive project metrics, creation and management of projects for the different functional groups at Johnson and Johnson.

It acts as a repository of data and other relevant information related to projects.

Supports escalation of issues with notifications.

Enables insightful reports with interactive visualization.

Enables easy monitoring of project progress.

Secure access to all users within the company intranet.

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