About Quantlogic

Quantlogic is one of the leading providers of algorithmic strategies, financial research, trading signals, real-time trade management tools, and 24 hours trade monitoring services. They basically deliver major services to investment banks, hedge funds, private investors and the like.

Fingent’s approach

The data that they dealt with was developed from monetary predictions, after estimating changes in currency value while relating them between exchange markets of different countries. This helped them to better plan their investments.

The data formed over 200,000 data touch points that included relations between resistive and support functions, predictive and actual value and the like. It also included the rate of success of predictions.

Each of these data touch points was further associated with 12 derived unique verticals in real time.

Fingent’s advanced analytical solutions, helped Quantlogic maintain Data Quality that improved their predictive algorithm.

Quantlogic increased its probability of successful predictions along with radical data association and data archival processes.

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