About Client

The responsibilities of property managers span over a wider range of activities, including legally representing property owners, ensuring timely maintenance and renovation activities, finding and screening tenancy applicants, property accounting, rent collection, security, trash collection, coordinating with repair contractors and so on. The property management industry used to be highly fragmented, with a collection of small independent operators who carried out each of these functionalities. Our client, who owns a leading property management firm wanted to bring about a change here, through a single platform that centralizes all aspects of the property management lifecycle.

Fingent’s approach

We proposed a single, all-in-one application that streamlined all processes in the property management lifecycle under one hood. Our previous experience with this industry aided us to select and include only the best practices considering the process, the design, the development, and the features. We were able to foresee challenges faced by different roles/units in the business, adopt top-notch security options and automate key processes accordingly.

Extensive syndication with Hotpads, Rently, Transunion, Stripe and Sage.

Highly structured lead management activities.

Dedicated maintenance module for Ticket Generation, Map based Work Order Assignment, Work Order Progress Tracking, Invoicing and more.

Centralized Interface to provide extensive and detailed focus on different verticals of property management.

Customized portals & Integrations.

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