About Client

The Project was done for  an international ministry working in over 140 countries to provide the message of God and hope to children and youth through culturally sensitive media experiences including children’s magazines, animated movies, interactive games, sports programs, smartphone apps and more. The Client started a movement, to inspire the youngsters to share their personal stories and experiences of survival with others. However, creating a professional video, hiring professional filmmakers and reaching out to youngsters all around the world to get their stories seemed challenging for them.

Fingent’s approach

Fingent redesigned their website and developed a smartphone application with a predefined template for recording ‘selfie’ videos. The app allowed users to create their own inspiring, spiritual videos, which could then be published to the My Story website. It also lets users view the videos posted by other user.

Interactive roulette menu.

Custom camera settings.

YouTube upload from the mobile app.

Video compression, merging, trimming.

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