About Simplor

Foreclosure Response Team is the fastest growing consumer advocacy association of professionals in the country with the best resources to assist borrowers in preventing foreclosure. Agent Affiliates are provided superior branding, lead generation, lead management, marketing support, exclusive Simplor default technology and critical administrative services.

Fingent’s approach

The Fingent team focused on creating a web-based, short sale management tool. We designed and developed a high performing and extensible solution by extracting best capabilities of ASP.NET technologies while keeping the traditional system intact. With this tool Simplor was able to increase their efficiency and simplify their business processes.

It helps to simplify and organize complex transactions related to short sales process automation.

It provides a single point of contact linking all critical working parties.

Data Conversion Scripts in the Custom Sales Software Tool

It makes use of comprehensive data conversion scripts that support large amounts of data.

Being cloud based, it has all the benefits of the cloud like easy accessibility and less data storage hassles.

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