Converting Real Estate Leads to Customers
Converting Real Estate Leads to Customers

About Client

WRI Property Management is a leading real estate service provider for single families in the United States. They strive to provide high-quality homes and property maintenance solutions to residents. To maintain their quality, they follow a complex internal process that demands incessant interactions with property owners, rigorous study of property details, scheduling and conducting numerous inspections, ensuring timely property maintenance, screening tenant applicants, maintaining proper accounts and so on.

However, managing efficiency in such a complex environment was a challenge. With highly fragmented functions, the enterprise faced immense strain in coordinating effectively. Traditional business proceedings and systems were obstructing the growth of the enterprise.

Fingent’s approach

Fingent with its vast experience in PropTech offered WRI an advanced software platform that streamlined the management of investment property portfolio. Honey Badger eased the asset management challenges of the real estate enterprise resulting in increased productivity and growth.

Cloud Real Estate Solution

An advanced cloud-based solution delivering features through web and mobile platform to streamline the functions of a property management firm.

Real Estate Investment

Honey Badger (HB A) centralizes all touch points of Property Investment Life Cycle to one application.

Honey Badger Hideout (HB PM) simplifies the complexities of property management activities.

Property Management

Honey Badger (HB A) and Honey Badger Hideout (HB PM) merged together forms an absolute property management solution.

Real Estate Mobile Apps

The product suite comes with a collection of Mobile Apps that immensely eases hectic field service functions.

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