About Client

Sony Mobile Communications Inc. is a multinational mobile phone manufacturing company jointly headquartered in Japan, Lund (in Sweden) and Tokyo, and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sony Corporation.
Sony wanted their employees from across divisions worldwide, to easily come together, cooperate, communicate and act as an efficient team. Their mission was to “enable communication and collaboration for employees and other contributors through digital services”, crossing geographical boundaries. They needed advise to analyze existing industry options and find powerful technology which could unite their employees from across the world, enable them to work jointly and efficiently as a team.

Fingent’s approach

Fingent’s team started by setting itself on an investigation mission, spread across different divisions of Sony, at Atlanta, Beijing, Taipei, Lund, Tokyo across twelve departments covering over 600 individual user feedback points. Fingent’s expertise in consulting helped identify Sony’s major challenges through User Needs Analysis process, surveys etc. and was combined with the output from technology analysis process to arrive at possible recommendations.  Top three solutions were finally recommended, taking into account the long term IT roadmap, cost/budget constraints, employee competence and the timeline for deployment.

Inter-connectivity and usability: The disparate systems that were in use made even the simplest of tasks complex, distracting and difficult.

Complex Digital Workspace landscape: The complexity and the vast number of available solutions out there made it difficult to choose the best.

Wide variance in perceived needs: The different requirements and the difference in opinion about the importance of these made the situation complex.

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