About Risk-Eraser

Risk-Eraser is the brainchild of Marc Hauser, a former professor at Harvard. Risk-Eraser transforms the learning and decision-making capabilities of at-risk children by providing programs with tools to assess their growth, strengthen executive function, and sharpen critical thinking. They design programs that make use of simple systems to collect and analyze scientific evidence, with novel approaches to learning and decision-making that grow out of the rich scientific evidence. Teachucator is one such venture of Risk-Eraser.

Fingent’s approach

Fingent engaged with Risk-Eraser to create a light solution that could easily expand to a vast audience. The aim of the solution was to negate the problems that teachers, who dealt with at-risk children faced. It obtained expert opinions on practices followed by teachers. It formed a common platform where experts, clinicians, consultants and teachers could converge to discuss and share their knowledge and opinions to improve and reduce the risks that at-risk children faced. Fingent was able to scale an existing model; providing a professional solution through better organization and presentation, while reducing effort and hence cost to scale.

The application enables easy interaction between teachers and educators.

It empowers teachers by providing a pool of experts per teacher.

It has high-level privacy and security features with unique logins and passwords for each user.

It enables simple discussion management and scheduling by incorporating mail alerts and notifications that keep users in the loop of every discussion participated in.

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