We help nonprofit organizations streamline data collection, stay compliant, and maximize engagement

Nonprofit Segments We Serve

  • Professional associations and lobbying
  • Foundations and grant-making groups
  • Religious charitable endowment groups
  • Educational nonprofits and communities
  • Real-time tracking of donor and donation data
  • Fetch real-time reports on funds and resources
  • Health-related nonprofits and policy analysts
  • Custom applications to accelerate fundraising
  • Streamline program management and measurement
  • Personalized marketing engagement
  • Manage relationships, fundraising, programs, and reporting

Featured Customer Success Stories

Our client, the Salvation Army, is a Christian protestant church and international charitable organization headquartered in London, UK. They wanted to utilize the modern-day technologies and facilities to unify and improve their teaching methods. The web backend and mobile application developed by Fingent helped teachers train students in four primary areas – Salvation Army Doctrine, Salvation Army Tradition, Distinctive, and Practical Faith. Read More View All Case Studies

Featured Customer Success Stories

Our client, Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN), is a large American Christian-oriented religious media conglomerate with a focus on evangelical media production for television and radio. The client required an app that could teach children timeless moral truths and lessons of life from the Holy Bible. Fingent created the Superbook mobile app which is a captivating, Bible-based animated adventure series. Read More View All Case Studies

Featured Customer Success Stories

Fingent designed and deployed, a site that offers contemporary praise and worship music, news, videos, and reviews to a wide audience. With, the customer was able to communicate exactly what they intended, and reach out to a large number of people through stories of faith in Jesus Christ. Read More View All Case Studies

Featured Customer Success Stories

OneHope is an international non-profit ministry that works across 140 countries to spread the message of God to children and youth through culturally sensitive media experiences. Fingent redesigned their website and developed a smartphone application with a predefined template for recording ‘selfie’ videos. Read More View All Case Studies

Challenges Affecting the Nonprofits Sector

Nonprofits tend to require comprehensive data collection and customer relationship solutions, many of which must be compliant with government regulations and backed up by powerful data security.

Making sure your nonprofit organization is in good standing is a task crucial to ensure that it remains operational. Managing your records, ensuring current tax-exempt status is up-to-date, and keeping track of nonprofit requirements are just a few of the required tasks.

Nonprofits must often manage massive amounts of data, which can eat up valuable time, labor, and energy. Because of this, there has been an increased demand for technological solutions when it comes to tracking and analyzing this data.

Nonprofits face challenges when it comes to the field of restricted funds, such as managing and tracking them appropriately and ultimately giving donors the confidence that their donations are being used efficiently.

How We Help Our Customers

Secure and Custom CRM solutions

We work with nonprofit organizations to help them manage customers or donors through custom CRM solutions, use machine learning to identify trends and opportunities, make data accessible throughout the cloud, and keep information secure with professional-grade cybersecurity infrastructure.

Using Data Analytics and Visualization

Our team of business analysts and data visualization experts will help keep your data filtered and sorted, allowing for better and more comprehensive visualization. We put together data taken from multiple sources in order to track trends and analyze results, identifying any potential inefficiencies.

Allowing Accessibility with Automation

We help nonprofits maintain compliance by automating record-keeping, streamlining data collection, and ensuring that all data is securely stored in the cloud.

Restricted Funds Tracking

We utilize technology to effectively track restricted funds, allowing nonprofits to better manage them and reassure their donors that their money is being used efficiently.

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    A nonprofit organization is an establishment that is dedicated to promoting a particular social cause or upholding a shared point of view for public benefit. Nonprofits are tax-exempt meaning they need not pay income tax for the funds or donations that they receive. Nonprofits can operate in religious, scientific, research, or educational settings.

    Nonprofits can raise income in several ways. Donations from individual donors or foundations, sponsorship from corporations, government funding, grants and contracts, programs and events, goods and services, exhibition and merchandise sales, membership fees, social media appealing, and investments are some of the sources of nonprofit funding.

    Tax-exempt refers to income or transactions that are free from tax according to federal law. It refers to the status of a business or organization which has limits on the amount of income or gifts which are taxable. These organizations include religious and charitable institutions and nonprofit organizations. A nonprofit is tax-exempt under 501(c)(3) requirements if it is either a religious, charitable, or educational organization that does not influence state and federal legislation.

    According to the federal law of the United States, a 501(c) organization is a nonprofit organization exempt from some federal income taxes. Section 501(c) falls under the Internal Revenue Code (IRC) of the United States and is related to non-profit organizations. This tax law that helps to identify which nonprofit organizations are exempt from paying federal income tax.

    Section 501(C)(3) is an Internal Revenue Code (IRC) for nonprofit organizations that has been approved for tax-exempt purposes. Organizations under section 501(c)(3) of the IRC are commonly known as charitable organizations. 501(c)(3) is the most common tax status among nonprofit organizations.

    Technology can benefit nonprofit organizations in many ways. It can reduce the time spent on administrative work, thereby saving their time to focus better on community impact and improve the services they offer. With technology, it’s easier for nonprofit organizations to widen their reach. You will be able to contact more donors and sponsors which will increase your revenue. Automating programs can decrease your costs in the long run. By digitizing and securing your data, you can get away from physical documents and paperwork, which will ultimately protect your organization’s data from cyber attacks.