Mohawk 360 – Integrated Day Camp Management Platform

How Fingent developed a powerful and reliable solution that radically improved the camp management activities of Camp Mohawk


Camp Mohawk

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PHP, JavaScript, Àndroid, iOS

camp management software
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Camp Mohawk wanted to radically improve their camping experience, streamline camp management, and enable real-time communication between the parents of campers and staff.

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Without a camp management solution on board, Camp Mohawk was unable to keep track of their activities and failed at creating an engaging experience for every registered camper.

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Fingent came up with Mohawk 360, an integrated camp management platform with role-based features and provisions to streamline and manage the end-to-end activities of camping.

“The application that Fingent developed is excellent and has great visuals. The team explains their process thoroughly, makes changes that are requested promptly, and addresses bugs quickly and professionally.”

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