OkLegalConnect: A Customized Web App Solution To Find Legal Help Faster

How Fingent helped LASO build a unique web-based application to seamlessly connect low-income individuals to the right legal aid services


Legal Aid Services of Oklahoma, Inc. (LASO)

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Oklahoma, US

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Angular | Apache, | PHP, | Javascript | Python | MySQL

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LASO is a state-wide non-profit law firm focusing on providing legal assistance with civil (non-criminal) cases to low-income individuals of the state. They wanted a platform to widen their reach and streamline their operations.

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With the growing need for civil legal aid, LASO was finding it difficult to serve more number of clients with their legacy methods of interviewing and sharing information. A technology solution seemed obvious, but it had to meet budget requirements.

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Fingent was able to create a web-based triage system, named the OkLegalConnect, that facilitated easy interviewing and enabled streamlined operations.

“ Off-the-shelf products in the market couldn’t accommodate our multi-party customer relations model “.

Fingent’s bespoke CRM application, tailored to our needs, streamlines processes for both our builders and suppliers. They even suggested ideas to maximize efficiency “.

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