Unlocking New Doors In Hospitality With Customized Technology

How Fingent helped Priceless Places leverage the latest in web and mobile to seamlessly connect working professionals with hospitable environments.


Priceless Places

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PHP, MySQL, Angular JS

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Priceless Places was looking for a trusted technology partner to help them deploy the right and affordable technology that helps them seamlessly connect working professionals with suitable workspaces and hospitable environments.

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The company required a glitch-free, highly responsive, and user-friendly platform that could streamline collaboration between parties, ease management and improve efficiency.

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Fingent helped Priceless Places develop an innovative web and mobile platform that enabled customers/working professionals, hospitality partners, and the team at Priceless Places to manage their operations independently via separate portals. The platforms digitized their entire process, enhancing their market reach, and improving their company productivity.

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