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Travel Segments We Serve

  • Robotic process automation for several back-office operations
  • Solutions for accounting, reconciliation, contract management
  • Augmented/virtual reality and cognitive platforms
  • Travel loyalty management, points and rewards systems
  • IoT for real-time, connected travel platforms
  • AI-based chatbot development
  • Travel intermediaries and travel suppliers
  • Travel ticket booking systems
  • Payment integration in booking systems
  • Travel management services & booking APIs
  • Air, rail, and road transport segments
  • Context-relevant travel planning

Featured Customer Success Stories

GeoSure produces global travel safety information. Their requirement was an app for travelers that conveys the safety of tourist places. Fingent developed a trusted, location-sensitive personal security mobile app that provides personalized and quantifiable travel security content. Read More View All Case Studies

Challenges Affecting the Travel Sector

Travelers require technology to help them reach their destinations, facilitate the research, book flights, hotels, and everything in between for a fruitful journey.

Traveling has become safer, but there are still risks when venturing into the unknown. Being aware of cyber concerns, political safety, and health hazards in the environment are just a few of the precautions travelers need to take.

There is an increasing demand for booking services, hotel systems, and other travel accommodations to be mobile-friendly. Offering access to services through mobile devices is not a luxury, it’s a necessity.

The demand for IoT in the travel industry is proof of how a network of interconnected computing devices can enable a vastly superior travel experience. Smoother check-ins, more personalized services, and reduction of manual labor are just a few of the benefits.

How We Help Our Customers

Augmented Reality to Enhance the Travel Experience

We help travel companies develop custom, mobile-friendly solutions that deliver comprehensive travel experiences. Augmented Reality helps users begin their travel search, navigate new settings, and reduce language barriers.

Developing Internet of Things (IoT) Systems

We develop IoT systems that will help you link and manage smart devices. We’ll help you ideate IoT processes, streamline your operations via optimized processes, and make the transition to an efficient, IoT-based infrastructure.

Solutions for Enhanced Traveler Engagement

Our team of experts helps you offer your customers highly personalized services by collaborating with third-party players. Our custom web, cloud, and mobile solutions incorporate seamless workflows for improving your asset management, ensuring timely availability of data, enabling self-service, recommending contextual offers, and predicting traveler requirements.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Integration

We work with businesses to ensure that every part of their website and apps is mobile-friendly and easily accessible to customers via smartphone. We enable them to use Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in order to see what customers want and offer automated travel services to ensure better user experience.

Technology for Personalized Content Delivery

We help travelers navigate safely by providing them personalized travel security content. By crowd-sourcing data feeds, we deliver risk algorithms that assess the safety of every travel location in the world. Our custom travel applications can be integrated with information sources such as the CDC, United Nations, State Department, WHO Interpol, local authorities, and global crime statistics.

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    Their team is completely committed to our success as a client, and they do that with their dynamic team.

    They’ve also been great at meeting the needs of our timeframe versus theirs.

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    Reviews from engineers testify that their code was consistently solid and comprehensively documented.

    I have been very pleased with Fingent Corporation’s user experience and design capabilities.

    Fingent’s project team demonstrated passion and commitment throughout the dev cycle and it was very evident in their work.

    They’re an honest company to deal with … they were always fair and reasonable.


    A travel application is a software application that can cater to the needs of travelers going on any type of vacation. Travel applications allow you to plan and create itineraries, access travel guides, book flights and accommodation, look for shopping hubs, locate restaurants and dine-outs, and perform a bunch of activities that interest travelers.

    Travel technology refers to the application of information technology in the travel industry. Some of the examples of travel tech include flight tracking, trip planning, booking engines, social media, travel advisor applications, and integrated route maps.

    Artificial Intelligence drastically changes the way the travel industry operates. AI enables conversation-based digital interactions powered by chatbots. It allows you to track and identify customer behavior and buying patterns, offer personalized and intelligent recommendations, perform sentiment analysis and make real-time interventions, and gain advanced sales insights to run optimized campaigns.

    A Travel chatbot or a virtual travel agent is a fully automated software that can have conversations with your prospects, offer personalized recommendations to information seekers, answer FAQs related to travel, accept bookings and make reservations, and even pass off the inquiry to a human agent if it is not equipped to handle a query.

    Virtual Reality can transform the entire experience of travel and make it more pleasing and appealing for you. Even before you make a room reservation, you can take a tour of the hotel room using a virtual reality application. VR apps powered by Oculus allow you to get a 360° view of the photos and videos of a particular destination via a virtual reality headset. Beyond sharing the basic images or a shaky video, virtual reality allows a user to actually experience a destination by taking a virtual tour of the same.