Integrated Proptech Solution for Real Estate Brokers

Fingent’s vast experience in providing Proptech solutions to real estate firms over the years enabled us to create a customized web-based application for UBRealty Inc.


UB Realty Inc.

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Real Estate

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ASP.NET MVC, jQuery, .NET, SQL Server, Umbraco

property management solutions
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UBRealty wanted to develop a customized web application to digitalize their entire communication structure so that property sellers and buyers can coordinate seamlessly and carry out their individual roles effectively.

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With an increase in large projects, they faced difficulties in continuing business with regular procedures. Delays in updating property agents with accurate buyer data led to the loss of many potential buyers.

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Property agents get access to accurate buyer data. 2 role-based user portals were created to support individual tasks. Automation enhanced property agents’ productivity and increased their ability to manage multiple properties simultaneously.

“The application that Fingent developed is excellent and has great visuals. The team explains their process thoroughly, makes changes that are requested promptly, and addresses bugs quickly and professionally.”

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