6 Key Predictions for AI-Driven Voice Computing in 2020

How AI and Voice Search Will Impact Your Business in 2020

“It is common now for people to say ‘I love you’ to their smart speakers,” says Professor Trevor Cox, Acoustic engineer, Salford University. 

The Professor wasn’t exactly talking about the love affair between robots and humans, but his statement definitely draws attention to the growing importance of voice search technology in our lives. AI-driven voice computing technology has drastically changed the way we interact with our smart devices and it is bound to have a further impact as we move into 2020. 

In this blog, we will consider six key predictions for AI-Driven voice computing in 2020.

How Essential Is AI-Driven Voice Search For Businesses?

Voice search is becoming increasingly popular and is evolving day after day. It can support basic tasks at home, organize and manage work, and the clincher – it makes shopping so much easier. No doubt about it, AI-driven voice search and conversational AI are capturing the center stage. 

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Voice-based shopping is expected to hit USD 40 billion in 2022. In other words, more and more consumers will be expecting to interact with brands on their own terms and would like to have fully personalized experiences. As the number of consumers opting for voice-based searches keeps increasing, businesses have no option than to go all-in with AI-driven voice search. With that in mind, let’s see where this is going to be leading businesses in 2020. 

Six key predictions for AI-driven voice search and conversational AI in 2020

1. Voicing a human experience in conversational AI

Chatbots are excellent, but the only downside is that most of them lack human focus. They only provide information, which is great in itself, but not enough to provide the top-notch personalized experience that consumers are looking for.  This calls for a paradigm shift in conversational design where the tone, emotion, and personality of humans are incorporated into bot technologies. 

Statista reports that by 2020, 50% of all internet searches will be generated through voice search. Hence, developers are already working on a language that would be crisp, one that is typically used in the film industry. Such language could also be widely used on various channels such as websites and messaging platforms. 

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2. Personalization

A noteworthy accomplishment in voice recognition software enhancing personalization is the recent developments in Alexa’s voice profiling capabilities. Personalization capabilities already in place for consumers are now being made available to skill developers as part of the Alexa Skills Kit. This will allow developers to improve customers’ overall experience by using their created voice profiles.

Such personalization can be based on gender, language, age and other aspects of the user. Voice assistants are building the capacity to cater even to the emotional state of users. Some developers are aiming to create virtual entities that could act as companions or councilors. 

3. Security will be addressed 

Hyper personalization will require that businesses acquire large amounts of data related to each individual customer. According to a Richrelevance study, 80% of consumers demand AI transparency. They have valid reasons to be concerned about their security. This brings the onus on developers to make voice computing more secure, especially for voice payments.

4. Natural conversations

Both Google and Amazon assistants had a wake word to initiate a new command. But recently it was revealed that both companies are considering reducing the frequency of the wake word such as “Alexa.” This would eliminate the need to say the wake word again and again. It would ensure that their consumers enjoy more natural, smooth and streamlined conversations.

5. Compatibility and integration

There are several tasks a consumer can accomplish while using voice assistants such as Amazon’s Alexa or Google’s Assistant. They can control lights, appliances, smart home devices, make calls, play games, get cooking tips, and more. What the consumer expects is the integration of their devices with the voice assistant. 2020 will see a greatly increased development of voice-enabled devices.

6. Voice push notifications

Push notification is the delivery of information to a computing device. These notifications can be read by the user even when the phone is locked. It is a unique way to increase user engagement.  Now developers of Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant have integrated voice push notifications which allow its users to listen to their notifications if they prefer hearing over reading them.

What Does It Mean for Your Business In 2020?

AI-driven voice computing and conversational AI is going to change all aspects of where, when and how you engage and communicate with your consumers. By 2020, IDC  estimates a double-digit growth in the smart home market. Wherever they are and whatever channel they are using, you will be required to hold seamless conversations with your customers across various channels. 

“Early bird catches the worm.” Be the first in your industry to adopt and gain the benefits of voice search and conversational AI.  Call us and find out how we can make this happen for you.


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