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We help you bridge the gap between store and ecommerce with powerful visual configurators!

Fingent’s 3D Web Configurator Services

Join our experts to create a difference with 3D Web Configurators!

In today’s highly competitive online world, customers are on a constant lookout for innovative experiences. With 3D Web Configurator, you can seamlessly create stunning, immersive 3D content to stand out in the market, and attract, engage, and retain your target customers.

Enable your clients and users to design virtual spaces, customize items, and visualize your products in 3D, through your web platforms! We utilize WebGL 2D & 3D configurators to capacitate showroom-like experience from anywhere and add value to your entire quote-to-sales process.

Drive website engagement with real-time 3D experiences

Boost customer trust with product customization features

Elevate marketing creativity with 3D configurator powered ads & products teasers

Improve sales and conversion rates by maintaining 100% quote accuracy

Industrial Services We Offer

Initiate your projects with Fingent and get a dedicated, skilled team to back you up, round the clock!

Wow, your customers with a showroom-like experience from anywhere! Enable your clients to customize their dream cars and bikes from the comfort of their homes, through an interactive virtual environment powered by web-based configurators.

Create endless possibilities for your home improvement projects with 3D models and configurators. Mix elements and create variations of the same product, enable absolute photorealism, and unlock the most cost-effective ways to market your products faster.

Leverage the 3D Web Configurator technology to inspire your clients with exceptional design presentations of outdoor living spaces! Generate accurate construction plans with simplified calculations, precise detailing, enhanced color options, all from a single web portal.

We help you transform with the digital age! Differentiate your services by building 3D configurators that allow your clients to customize furniture through the web. Accelerate your sales cycle, increase your leads and develop a strong online presence to drive business success.

Enable clients to visualize products from make-to-order, simplify complex quoting, allow customization, and stay competitive with the advancements in 3D Product Configurator. We can help you re-imagine your capabilities and drive greater success.

Why Innovate Your Business with Fingent?

Consistent, high-quality results with robust, agile teams and dedicated QA practices

Highly cost-effective and best-of-breed solutions with no last-minute surprises

Transparent project management with maximum adherence to deadlines

Our Unique Approach & Process

By initiating your project with Fingent, you get a dedicated and skilled team backing you up round-the-clock. All our processes are customer-oriented, designed to reduce the cost of business operations, address IT resourcing challenges, and offer you a competitive edge. We start with a deep analysis of your requirements and continue our relationship with post-launch support and updates.


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Validating and Shaping Idea


Design and Prototyping




Testing and Quality Assurance


Maintenance and Support

What Our Clients Say!


3D product configurators are tools that help create powerful and interactive 3D models. These configurators allow users to visualize and personalize products as per their wish, all through online platforms. Some advanced configurators also allow users to visualize products in desired backgrounds, which can help make better decisions.

Product configurators help develop 3D models of products that make it possible to create virtual real-time shopping experiences. This allows clients and customers to completely understand the product, match specifics, customize as per requirement, and solve their targeted needs, from the comforts of their homes. Such capabilities of 3D configurators enable businesses to;

  1. Improve website engagement and traffic
  2. Display complex products with ease
  3. Display all available range of the product
  4. Gain customer trust
  5. Increase conversion rate

With more businesses exploring the capabilities of 3D web configurators, many configurator tools and software are now easily available online. But however, to create business-specific designs with perfection and ease, it is always recommended to approach experienced technology professionals. A software development company like Fingent would help you create custom solutions that are specific to your business needs, plus guide you in leveraging the maximum capabilities of the technology.

40% of shoppers get attracted to a website that integrates interactive 3D visualization. Implementing 3D configurators not only improves engagement but also allows a customer to understand all possible values of a product. They even get to customize and match the product with their respective surroundings or needs, to make a perfect purchase decision. This, in turn, boosts customer confidence in the brand, ultimately improving conversion rate. Studies also reveal that a business or a brand that implements sophisticated technology like 3D models for better customer experience psychologically portrays a powerful brand awareness on the human mind. This too boosts a customer’s connection and trust in the brand improving conversion rate.

Yes! 3D configurators have an immensely positive impact on marketing. The extremely competitive online world of today highly relies on marketing techniques to gain and attract more customers. With 3D configurators, businesses get an upper hand with creativity, be it for ads, product teasers, service launches, product displays, or just website interactions. Especially in the ecommerce industry where buyers crave personalization and store-like experience, 3D configurators help derive just that, that too from the comforts of homes.