Artificial Intelligence Revolutionizing Small Businesses

Ways Small Businesses Can Benefit From Artificially Intelligent Systems

It is quite obvious how Artificial Intelligence has become a part of almost every industry verticals. In addition to enhancing intelligence and productivity to operations, AI is widely used by businesses to predict online customer behavior, manage supply chains, automate various difficult and redundant tasks.

According to a recent survey by Vistage, about three-quarters of businesses will invest in software applications. No wonder the AI revolution is also termed as the fourth revolution!

Starting from voice search mobile app development to self-driving cars being able to prompt the driver with possible destinations, most small businesses are jumping into the AI bandwagon. The early adopters of AI implementation have seen a considerable improvement in business turnover and in achieving an increased ROI.

Businesses have improved their turnover and overall performance by making use of data. Small businesses can make use of the AI Revolution to leverage the available data. This can bring a change in their overall business processes. Below are the major benefits that small businesses can reap out of AI:

1. Leveraging Artificially Intelligent Solutions

The fact that any business process can involve AI implementation proves the importance of large chunks of data being generated. To stay competitive, it is essential for businesses to follow the latest trends in the market. This is made possible by deriving insights from data available to predict business outcomes. The possible benefits of AI enabled systems are as follows:

a. Small businesses can use Artificial Intelligence to understand customer segmentation. AI is used by businesses to gather data and then perform market analytics. They can use AI to advertise as AI helps in providing insights to target the right customer base. This helps in determining market-fit customers rather than having to target clients blindly.

b. Small businesses can also make use of AI strategies. For instance, businesses can use third-party AI tools that involve easy interfaces and machine learning algorithms. This will help businesses to couple the critical data and workflows into business intelligence. This helps businesses to achieve practical insights. It also helps in saving time and costs that arise due to data review.

2. Creating Artificially Intelligent Customer Service Solutions

AI-powered chatbots steal the show when it comes to enabling Digital Customer Services. Estimates show that 67 percent of businesses use chatbots for rendering customer services. This number is forecasted to reach 85 percent by 2020.

Voice-search assistants are no exception to customer service solutions. The number of electronic assistants is expected to reach 7 billion by 2020. Chatbots and voice-search assistants can definitely help small businesses increase their productivity and efficiency.

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3. Artificial Intelligence For Building A Positive Workplace Culture

Small businesses often find it difficult to hire talents. Artificial Intelligence has made it simpler for the HR Departments of small businesses to recruit talents by eliminating the need for HR managers to manually set and select through the large pile of candidate profiles. AI helps in building a positive workplace culture in the following ways:

a. Hiring is made easier by Machine learning algorithms. The process of hiring is streamlined by AI. The algorithms do so by the process of learning hiring practices of the past. AI applications help in finding good leads by learning an applicant’s history of work and studies and makes the hiring process easier.

b. Sales can be made simpler for small businesses with the help of AI applications. AI-enabled CRM platforms help businesses to derive insights. CRM systems compile data from different customers via phone, email, etc. This is done for automated lead generation. Sales folks of small businesses can make use of AI enabled CRM systems to adjust their leads by analyzing customer ideas through different channels like recording phone calls, emails, phone messages, online behavior, customer reviews, social media posts, etc. This helps the sales team of businesses to personalize their business, according to customer intentions.

c. Small businesses can use AI applications to manage back-end operations cost-effectively. Financial accounting and scheduling daily tasks to employees can be managed more effectively with the help of AI enabled tools. This helps small businesses save time from performing redundant and manual tasks.

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4. AI For Effective Data Collection And Competitive Analysis

Identification of competitors is crucial for any business. AI helps in building a competitive analysis that searches for competitors in particular fields. This helps small businesses to collect critical data regarding different competitor strategies.

Businesses learn about the latest trends from the collected data. This is performed via advanced AI methods such as statistical regression analysis. AI has made it cost-effective for small businesses to use sophisticated AI tools that help them in determining how to keep clients interested in their business.

Machine learning algorithms make use of customer sentiments to capture and track customer preferences. This data collection mechanism is made available to small businesses affordable by AI.

Competitive Intelligence implies being able to react to market trends rapidly and accurately. It is therefore essential for small businesses to be up-to-date about the current market trends. Tracking competitors, changing business processes to suit customer requirements, analyzing cost changes and business metrics is required for a business to succeed. This is made possible by AI-powered competitive intelligence tools.

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5. AI Enabled Tools To Enhance Marketing Strategies

Any business requires deep know-how in technology to enhance its marketing functions. Small businesses find it difficult and costly when it comes to hiring top-notch professionals to handle large marketing campaigns.

Small businesses can make use of AI enabled tools to manage marketing activities. AI helps in reaching out to a large audience online by making use of advertising platforms. For instance, Facebook and Google have implemented advertising platforms that are AI implemented. This targets specific customers making it easier to collect and analyze data that is critical for lead generation.

CPC (Cost Per Click) can be considerably reduced by implementing AI tools. In addition to being able to find the best marketing strategies, AI enabled tools also analyze consumer engagement via marketing campaigns.

Artificial Intelligence is an effective budget monitoring source for marketing management activities for a business.

The Artificial Intelligence Revolution can jumpstart your small business to its height. Get in touch with our tech-breathing IT consultants now to learn tips on how to start!

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