What are 3D Web Configurators? How do they Boost Ecommerce Sales and Drive Customer Satisfaction?

Add More Zest to Your Ecommerce Marketing and CX with 3D Web Configuration

Having a digital infrastructure is inevitable, but it just isn’t enough to keep up with the competition. Achieving business success is about “wowing” your e-commerce buyers. In the post-pandemic world, businesses must find engaging and innovative ways to increase customer satisfaction and experience. A recent Frost & Sullivan study showed that by 2020, customer experience would overtake price and product as a key brand differentiator. True to this, business in 2020 was entirely driven by customer experience. 

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Local shoppers switched to online shopping, door deliveries were encouraged, telemedicine became more popular, mobile and internet banking users increased, and even classrooms became virtual. 

So, how do you “wow” your customer in this age of online shopping? By giving them as close to the real experience as virtually possible! 

How do you do that? With a 3D configurator! 

A 3D product configurator allows your customers to see exactly how your product looks, acts and feels. It gives them a personal connection with their potential purchase. 3D configurators have become an integral part of the sales process and rising customer expectations during the pandemic, making it vital for specific industries. 

This blog helps you understand what a 3D web configurator is and how it can help increase your e-commerce sales and boost customer satisfaction.

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What is a 3D Web Configurator?

In the past, customers were satisfied to see a static photograph that they could easily zoom in and out. However, with the changed circumstances and digital development, customers would like to view how various product designs or features would look in real-time, allowing them to spin, zoom, scroll, and rotate. That is precisely what a 3D web configurator allows your customers to enjoy. 

A 3D web configurator is defined as an interactive tool powered by 3D models that lets your customers personalize a product to their specifications in real-time. Plus, it allows them to choose custom options and watch them transform instantly, and receive estimates of the costs based on their customizations. 

This service gives your customers the feel of being at your store because it gives them the ability to get the feel of the product, such as the color, texture, and other aspects of your product. Customers can watch it from any device without using plugins. 

Essentially, 3D configurators are not just for retailers and car companies. All industries that sell customizable products can benefit from letting their customers see how their products look in real-time. Once this service is implemented, you can increase your ecommerce sales and boost customer satisfaction.

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How does a 3D Web Configurator Work?

A 3D web configurator accomplishes two pertinent e-commerce goals:

  1. A detailed exploration of your products
  2. The ability to customize the product to a customer’s specific needs

When your customers have not zeroed in on a particular product, your 3D configurator steps in to display different combinations and options for that product to inspire them to make an informed decision. In effect, your 3D configurator will help them check out the colors, styles, material and combine them in different ways until they create a personalized product. Then, as they mix and match their specifications, your configurator will allow them to see their combinations in 360-degree, in real-time mode, along with the price. Such precise control over their product will encourage them to make a purchase.  

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How 3D Web Configurators Boost E-Commerce Sales and Customer Satisfaction?

1. Enable omnichannel experience

As mentioned at the outset, 3D configuration solutions do not require a third-party plugin which limits the number of customers who can view your product. Above all, it can be formatted for events or used in interactive stores as it can also work offline. Such interaction encourages your customers to participate in your productions, ensuring you understand their choice and budget. 

2. Grow your e-commerce sales 

Your customers will have proactive control of what they want to buy as 3D configuration solutions allow them to try out various combinations virtually. Once you know their exact requirements, you can minimize errors, misunderstandings, and mistakes between you and your customer. 

3D web configuration reduces barriers to the market as you will be able to release the options to your customers during the first stage of product development. Thus, you can grow your e-commerce sales as your customers know that you understand them clearly and provide them with quality products. 

3. Save costs

3D web configurators can redefine and shorten the sales cycle as real-time customer responses/ reactions can help you create better outcomes. This allows you to track consumer behavior in real-time. Also, you can reduce the quantity of raw materials you need to stock as you will now create products as per request.

Furthermore, you can minimize significant expenses incurred in logistics and storage to a great degree. You can also personalize this unmatched 3D technology to become as responsive as the rest of your website. 

4. Place your customers behind the wheel

As the factory floor entered the digital age, brands must let their customers take the driver’s seat for tremendous success. Only then will you precisely understand what your customers want. Knowing that will help you meet their demands accurately. The 3D web configurator allows your customers unparalleled freedom to bring their dream product to life, ensuring their satisfaction. 

5. Distinguish your brand with a “wow” factor

Consumer attention has created intense competition between brands, forcing them to spend billions in an attempt to find the magical ingredient that will capture and retain the attention of their customers. 

What determines whether their attention sticks or moves away is the “wow” factor that keeps them returning for more. A 3D configurator will help you ensure that your customers are “wowed” each time they visit your website because they would have truly enjoyed the experience. Your configurator can boost customer satisfaction by delivering the experience needed to attract and amaze your customers repeatedly.

6. Boost sales

3D web configurators increase conversion rates and revenues as your customers can make informed decisions without delay. It gives them all the information they require to make a quick purchase. For example, it offers details such as customization of the product, price, immediate and direct contact with the salesperson, detailed descriptions, and a strong call to action. Additionally, you can avoid cart abandonment scenarios through increased engagement.

Make 3D Web Configurators Your Launching Pad 

Customer engagement and interactive product visualization can customize a product of choice and provide a tangible in-store experience to your online customers. It can become a launching pad for increased growth, higher sales, and conversions. Would you like to experience the power of a 3D web configurator and don’t know where to start? Get in touch with us right away. 

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