Ambit: AI Machine Learning Program To Simplify And Enhance Claims Management

Combining AI with the client’s litigation strategy cuts the average case settlement time to 1-2 days at a settlement cost of $15000


Sapra & Navarra, LLP

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HTML5 | React | .NET Core | MS SQL Server | Leading AI Libraries

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The customer formulated a unique litigation strategy termed “Breaking The Habit” to simplify and transform workers’ compensation claims processing experience. They wanted an AI machine learning program to augment and strengthen their strategy.

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A typical compensation claims processing used to take up to three years for case settlement costing the employer (business owner/carrier) at an average of $85000. It was challenging for the insurance carriers to balance time, money, and cases in hand.

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Ambit is a light-touch worker’s compensation solution that leverages AI and machine learning. Ambit improves the efficiency and performance of insurance carriers, self-insured companies, lawyers, and claim adjusters and offers 57% reduction in costs for insurers.

“ I’ve never wondered if somebody else could have done it better, faster, or cheaper. I was impressed with Fingent’s honesty and transparency.“.

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