Custom program management software for
International Automotive Oversight Bureau

How Fingent helped IAOB develop a custom program management software
that improved their visibility across 10-12 areas of distinct operations


International Automotive Oversight Bureau

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United States

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Angular 9 | C# | .NET Core 3.1 | PostgreSQL 12

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IAOB wanted Fingent to develop a custom program management software that will help them organize their work and workflows, manage meeting scheduling, check meeting availability, send and receive notifications, and track various initiatives.

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Overwhelming deadlines with poor visibility across 10-12 diverse areas of operations, tracking, managing, and organizing multiple projects and initiatives, and lack of modern technology affected their day-to-day operations.

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A custom program management software that complies with the quality and philosophy of IAOB’s work and approach, and serves as a centralized data repository. Also enhanced the program’s security by integrating a multi-factor authentication process.

“ Their team has been a guiding light for us throughout this entire process. Responsiveness and flexibility are hallmarks of their work.“.

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