Empowering Deaf Canadians to Communicate Visually with Native VRS Applications

How Fingent helped CAV create intuitive VRS applications for desktops to help their community of deaf users communicate effectively.


CAV, Inc. (Canadian Administrator of Video Relay Service)

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Assistive Technology

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XCode, Visual Studio | C#.NET, Swift | SQLite/JSON | Blend, Sketch

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CAV provides internet-based VRS services for the deaf community in Canada. They had a wrapper application for desktops and laptops, which was buggy. Realizing this, CAV was in clear need of a reliable application that enabled its customers to make and receive calls anytime.

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CAV had an existing wrapper application that had several bugs causing it to crash and severely underperform. As a result, they found it unable to factor in an application that is compatible and reliable for use by its customers at any time of the day.

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Upon closely understanding CAV’s requirements, Fingent developed a robust native VRS application that enabled deaf persons to easily make and receive calls, as well as help them manage call logs, contacts, and businesses through its different modules.

“ Off-the-shelf products in the market couldn’t accommodate our multi-party customer relations model “.

Fingent’s bespoke CRM application, tailored to our needs, streamlines processes for both our builders and suppliers. They even suggested ideas to maximize efficiency “.

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