Is Cyber Resilience Overtaking Cybersecurity For Good?

The current cyberspace is fragmented with an increasing presence of cybersecurity blind spots. While the next-generation technologies foster business growth, their intrinsic nature makes these technologies vulnerable to cyber hazards.

it’s time for enterprises to upgrade from cybersecurity to cyber resilience. As cyber risks assume new forms, enterprises should develop the ability to not just react, but anticipate. This is where cyber resilience becomes significant.


What you’ll read in this white paper:

  • Understanding cyber resilience
  • How cyber resilience differs from cyber security
  • Cyber resilience framework
  • Why do enterprises need cyber resilience
  • How to become a cyber-resilient organization

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    What can you learn about?

    How cyber-security boosts deploying top technologies

    How Cyber Resilience is different from Cybersecurity

    How does Cyber Resilience work

    A detailed look into the top 10 cyber resilience frameworks

    How and why become a Cyber Resilient organization

    Key Take Away

    By 2025, more than 50% of the business revenue will be driven by cloud and other 4IR (Fourth Industrial Revolution) technologies!