Reshaping Campus Visits with Virtual Reality

Learn how Fingent helped a leading education organization innovate campus visits to increase the number of enrollments from underprivileged areas of the state.


University of North Carolina

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North Carolina, US

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The University Of North Carolina is recognized for its world-class teaching and dedicated public services. They offer over 200 academic programs and graduates more than 54,000 students each year. The organization wanted to improve the performance and participation of students in the higher secondary and post-secondary education, reducing college dropouts.

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The university realized that finding appropriate college education is remarkably challenging for first-generation students, specifically, for those who are located in the underprivileged areas of the state. They are most uncertain about their career paths and are often unaware of the available study options. UNC wanted to help such students attain a better picture of the various programs available in the colleges of the university.

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Implementing the latest in mobile technology and the 360 degrees VR video abilities, Fingent helped the University Of North Carolina build an innovative mobile app. The app promptly connects students with all the 16 campuses of the UNC through their mobile devices, streamlining and simplifying the complete search process.

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