SimpleRent – a Customized Solution to Simplify Property Management

How we created a simple, customized, SaaS-based property management platform to solve the everyday challenges of a property manager


SimpleRent and Sealey Investment LL

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The property management area is a complex space and it is hard to make some of the functionalities simple. Ben Sealey, the co-founder and partner of Sealey Investments, LLC approached us to create a customized property management solution.

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It was challenging for the customer to manage tenants, maintain properties, collect rent, and carry out the other responsibilities of property management using their existing software.

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SimpleRent not only eased the lives of property managers and tenants but also represented great value for the customer. With numerous positive reviews and high ratings, the customer now prides the ownership of SimpleRent.

“The quality of their work is excellent. The UI is great, and I’ve received positive feedback many times about the look and feel of the site. Fingent has created a highly affordable product for us.”

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