Shifting to Odoo ERP? Why Do You Need a Partner?

It’s time to load up your arsenal. Why? Because it’s wartime and you’re here to win!
The COVID-19 pandemic has held the world in its vice-like grip for a considerable time now and many businesses have had to downsize or even shut down in its wake. Just when we thought it was over, we were hit by another wave.
There is no reason to despair though. With the right tools and the right guidance, you can surf through this wave and the next. In this blog, we are going to be talking about one such power tool – Odoo ERP. Odoo ERP’s capabilities and user-friendly aspects are helping businesses to manage their operations successfully despite the challenges brought by the pandemic, and you can too.

A Solution to Pressing Challenges

Finding new customers and retaining existing customers is one of the most common business challenges. According to Kauffman’s statistics, the pandemic heightened this challenge. The increasing competition did nothing to help with this.
Additionally, when the pandemic struck, companies that were not prepared to work remotely faced a huge blow because they had to shut down their offices and work remotely.
Evidently, businesses need a dedicated business management system to successfully cope with these and other challenges. Odoo ERP is a business management tool with the complete capability to manage the entire operations of a company.
Odoo ERP’s capabilities and user-friendly aspects are helping businesses manage their operations successfully despite the challenges brought by the pandemic. The Odoo platform brings efficiency and improvement to all the operating processes of the company.
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Odoo Is a Better Tool to Invest Today to Stay Prepared For Tomorrow’s Challenges

Pre-pandemic there was a notion that employees’ productivity will be hampered if they work from home. But the pandemic taught us that when digital ways are adopted correctly, remote work can be a success. And the Odoo ERP system has been a boon in catering to these digital requirements.
Odoo ERP is considered the most advanced and easy-to-use tool in today’s tech-plenty world. With the help of Odoo ERP, companies are enjoying seamless integration, better module-to-module connectivity, and effective digital bookkeeping to name a few benefits.
Odoo ERP with its Business Intelligence increases productivity by helping to use the company’s resources effectively. By digitizing record-keeping and pen and paper approvals, for example. Let us consider some specific ways in which Odoo ERP helps businesses stay prepared for future challenges.

1. Minimum workforce

Sudden lockdown measures have forced some companies to cut down on their staff. Odoo’s modules can help your business function well even with fewer employees. Production invoicing, lead generation, and stock movement provide perfectly navigated paths for your business despite strict lockdown measures.

2. No sales due to lockdown

If you are unable to sell your products due to quarantine measures, Odoo can solve your problem. It can help you create a website for e-Commerce. It allows you to create an easy to use, elegant and attractive website. These websites can also be connected with different online payment methods that make buying a lot easier for your customers.

3. Remote management

Due to lockdown measures and transportation restrictions, most organizations have opted for remote work management. Odoo can help you manage every integral business activity from wherever you choose to work. Its efficient functionalities and Business Intelligence capabilities will allow access to your company’s database whenever and wherever you are.

4. Cost-effective

Odoo ERP’s robust modules can minimize your business management costs while ensuring quality service. It offers effective management services at a reasonable price.

5. Secure business communication

Secure communication among employees, partners, and clients is essential to all businesses. Odoo Discuss is a user-friendly messaging application that enables your teams to communicate with each other simultaneously. It ensures sharing of projects and other integral documents without allowing any breach.
There is no doubt that Odoo can refresh your business considerably if implemented correctly. Given that, let us understand what are some common mistakes made in Odoo implementation. This will help you succeed in overcoming any implementation challenges.
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Odoo ERP

Common Mistakes Made in Odoo Implementation 

Admittedly, implementing Odoo ERP is a huge change for an organization. It can be daunting for a business as it involves multiple considerations. If the implementation is not carried out properly, it can paralyze the entire organization. That is why it is important to choose the right implementation partner. Here are some common implementation mistakes:

  • Lack of strategic management planning: A clear strategic roadmap and goal will help identify all the requirements from the ERP implementation. Not having a clear goal implies money-related disadvantages and unorganized due dates leading to chaos.
  • Over customization: Over-customization can cause Odoo performance issues.
  •  Lack of experienced project managers: Hiring project managers that do not have in-depth expertise and lack adequate experience is another mistake that can lead to performance issues.
  • Not testing the framework: Due to a lack of time, some organizations decrease the number and profundity of test cycles. Eliminating some tests may leave defects undiscovered and miss important functions as well.
  • Lack of sufficient training: Some organizations rush to use the product without sufficient training. Training at the right time is as important as doing it in the right way.

Why Do You Need an Odoo Partner?

Expertise is the primary reason. A good Odoo partner will have the expertise, experience, and knowledge that you need for a successful implementation. They will help you avoid the pitfalls of implementation and execution and can guide you through the nuances of the platform. With techno-functional consultants on board, they will be more successful in identifying complex issues and locating the right business procedures than you will be if you try to do this on your own.
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Odoo ERP

Tips To Get The Right Odoo Partner

Here is a checklist that makes your quest for the right Odoo partner easy:

  • Experience: Experience in different industries and services helps your partner identify problems quickly and deliver highly customized solutions that newbies cannot. Such experience will also aid them in spotting trends and keeping the system up to date.
  • Availability: During the development phase, there is a chance that the software might develop many issues. If the partner is available 24/7, they can address any glitches and prevent significant revenue loss
  • Pre and post-service support: Pre and post-implementation training is a must for organizations that have never used Odoo ERP before.
  • Access: Ready access to the software developer when you need them makes software modification a swift ride and you can rest assured that you will get exactly what you need.

How Fingent Fits the Bill

Fingent is an official Odoo Partner and has helped many clients successfully implement and execute Odoo’s dynamic features in their business. We have a team of talented, professional Odoo experts with techno-functional knowledge. The presence of certified and senior developers will help in strengthening your business.
Our developers help you access and customize Odoo’s powerful features and build custom applications for your business that will give you an edge over the competition. With rich experience in implementing Odoo ERP for different industries and working with its different modules, you can rest assured that we have the technical know-how and the business experience to do it right for you.
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