How Odoo ERP Helps Leverage Business Intelligence and Data Analytics

Unlock the value of data analytics and business intelligence with Odoo ERP

From cloud computing to the Internet of Things, the fourth industrial revolution has brought about remarkable technological reforms in most business strategies across industries. Today, businesses strive to face competition with advanced software tools and cutting-edge technologies. Organizations are implementing data-driven methods to improve their product and service offerings and add value to their customers. Techniques like Business Intelligence and Data Analytics help companies survive the cut-throat competition, accelerate speed-to-market, retain customers, and innovate. Data analytics and BI unlock the door to several opportunities, enabling companies to expand, grow and stay relevant in the ever-changing technology landscape.

However, implementing Data Analytics and Business Intelligence features in your existing business model requires careful planning. Intelligent, digital core ERPs like Odoo have come up with specific tools and modules to simplify the entire implementation process and help businesses gain value. 

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Odoo ERP

Let’s cut to the chase first. Before we see Odoo’s tailored BI and Analytics offerings, it would be good to get the basics right. 

What is the difference between Business Intelligence and Data Analytics?

  • Business Intelligence refers to the information required to augment business decision-making activities, while data analytics refers to changing the raw data into a meaningful format.
  • Primarily, BI supports decision-making and helps companies grow. On the other hand, data analytics helps build a model, cleanse, predict and modify data based on business needs.
  • Business Intelligence can be implemented using various BI tools. However, BI implementation is done only on historical data stored in data warehouses or data marts. Data analytics can be implemented using BI tools. However, the implementation will depend on the strategy designed by the organization.
  • BI can be debugged only through the historical data supplied, while data analytics can be debugged through the proposed model to convert the data into a meaningful format.

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data warehousing

A brief overview of Odoo ERP

At Fingent, we specialize in custom Odoo ERP implementation, Odoo ERP integration, Odoo ERP migration, upgrade, maintenance, and support. We help you tailor Odoo ERP features to match your specific business requirements. Odoo ERP customization helps enterprises solve complex business challenges, streamline operations and boost overall productivity. When you have all the required business data in one place, with personalized dashboards offering helpful insights, your decision-making and business strategy formulation become seamless. Being an Official Partner of Odoo, Fingent makes it a cakewalk for you. 

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Odoo ERP

With its vast suite comprising over 40 business productivity applications, Odoo provides a smoother and simpler way to run your business. The range of business apps offered by Odoo is highly comprehensive, fully integrated, easy to use, and supports numerous different industries.

Odoo offers over ten dedicated modules to effectively handle diverse business processes such as HRM, finance, CRM, manufacturing, accounting, inventory, and eCommerce. The most significant advantage of Odoo ERP is that you get a free and open-source community version under a general public license. This reduces the overall project cost significantly and so is exceptionally suited for small-to-medium enterprises.

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Odoo ERP: Business Intelligence and Data Analytics 

Odoo ERP includes a comprehensive data visualization and analysis software interface that helps companies capitalize on their data sources. It has an in-depth dashboard interface and powerful Business Intelligence capabilities for data mining and secret meaning extraction.

Here the top five BI and Data Analytics features offered by Odoo ERP:

1. Integrated spreadsheets

Introduced by Odoo 14, this feature has been included to preserve the ease and comfort of users working in excel spreadsheets. Previously, users had to download the pivot view of every report initially for editing the excel spreadsheet.

This feature makes it easier to bind and store excel sheets in the ERP itself. While the integrated spreadsheets make it easy to review reports quickly, its dashboard pivot table link helps access live data.

Users can perform all possible acts and input formulas, add and delete columns, apply formatting, and do more like ordinary excel sheets.

2. Sales analysis

Odoo ERP offers an intuitive dashboard GUI that helps monitor sales data and keep sales records for future reference. To retrieve relevant data, all you need to do is apply different filters or divide it into various segments for easy access. You can use bar graphs, pie charts, and line graph analysis to get an organized view of your sales data.

Analyzing sales data helps you gain insights into the purchasing habits of your customers. Additionally, it allows you to refine the sales tactics to reach out and drive them down the sales funnel to the target audience.

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Odoo ERP

3. Employee performance tracking

The Odoo dashboards, along with your sales team’s performance, allow you to assess your CRM efforts quickly. This, combined with efficient resource utilization and task scheduling, can help you take adequate steps to improve your sales strategy.

4. Inventory analysis

The Odoo inventory module provides a comprehensive view of the inventory. It is equipped with all the important Business Intelligence tools and analytics features. This feature provides you with reports and insights into the inventory and warehouse data in real-time. Odoo inventory module enables you to monitor your stock movements, stock receipts, average delivery time, turnover of inventory, and valuation.

5. Lead nurturing

The Odoo CRM supports an exceptional and descriptive graphical view for monitoring and evaluating your lead data. You can then group your leads based on factors such as gender, age, location, business type, and several other segments. To retrieve the lead data easily, you can apply filters and set time ranges to compare the new leads with your old leads. Moreover, this enhances your CRM efforts and helps build a stronger relationship with your customers.

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Odoo CRM

Become a data powerhouse

There’s no denying that BI and data analytics are helping businesses stay relevant and stay ahead of the competition by improving decision-making. BI tools help you analyze your customers’ preferences and buying habits. Powerful BI and analytics features offered by Odoo ERP help refine your marketing strategies at regular intervals.

Fingent provides end-to-end Odoo ERP consulting and implementation services for businesses across different industries, enabling them to resolve complex business problems. We have the expertise to formulate strategies through Odoo ERP solutions to achieve optimal results.

If you have overwhelming volumes of business data that you want to explore and exploit with advanced BI and data analytics tools, we’re here to help you with the same. Give us a call and discover the best plans to make your business truly data-driven. 

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