SAP Customer Experience

Unified customer experience management solutions to boost loyalty and drive revenue

Why SAP Customer Experience

Building Long-Term Customer Connections with SAP Customer Experience

What is SAP Customer Experience?

SAP Customer Experience (SAP CX) is SAP’s flagship customer relationship management solution and successor to the SAP CRM and C/4HANA suites. SAP Customer Experience is a powerful CX suite that combines sales, marketing, commerce, service, and customer data to help businesses create and deliver highly personalized, relevant, and contextual customer experiences.

Why is SAP Customer Experience essential for your business?

How They Differ

Traditional CRM vs. SAP Customer Experience Suite

Traditional CRM

Next-Gen SAP Customer Experience

Every customer journey is unique and every point of engagement matters. Discover your organization’s customer experience transformation with a certified SAP partner.

SAP Customer Experience Clouds

Five Cloud Solutions Powering the SAP Customer Experience Portfolio

SAP Customer Experience is a modern CX suite that combines five leading cloud solutions from SAP. In other words, there are five “pillar” cloud solutions that make up the SAP Customer Experience portfolio.

1. SAP Marketing Cloud

2. SAP Sales Cloud

3. SAP Service Cloud

4. SAP Commerce Cloud

5. SAP Customer Data Cloud

Recent Innovations

Latest Innovations from SAP Customer Experience

Composable Commerce

No-Code Approach to Building Apps

Intelligent Sales Guided by AI & ML

By engaging the right SAP partner, you can maximize the value of SAP Customer Experience solutions and re-energize your customer experience strategy.


SAP Customer Experience Deployment Options

Cloud Deployment

All the five components of SAP Customer Experience suite are cloud-based, which makes cloud deployment easier than an on-premise iteration. It’s important to choose the right architecture that fits your organization’s needs. If you don’t need all the five pillars to be implemented, you can choose those which make the most sense for your business.

Rapid Deployment Solutions

SAP offers a collection of fixed-scope, fixed-deliverable, and fixed-fee services for customers looking for guidance on the initial implementation steps. Though these do not necessarily cover the full scope of setting up an SAP Customer Experience system, companies like Fingent can help you cover that.

On-Premise Deployment

Component solutions of SAP Customer Experience, such as Commerce Cloud are currently available in on-premise form, although it is unknown for how long the on-premise version will be supported by SAP. Similarly, the marketing functionality was also once available on-premise but was discontinued by SAP in recent years. The best choice is to go for cloud-based deployment with a reputable SAP cloud implementation partner like Fingent.

Budgeting for SAP CX

Benefits and Costs of Leveraging SAP Customer Experience

Benefits Gained

Costs Involved

Leveraging the broad portfolio of services offered by SAP Customer Experience Services requires proper guidance by experienced professionals, from start to finish.


More Insights on SAP Customer Experience

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Most organizations assume that their work is done once SAP is implemented. Consider this: Do you own a car you have never given for servicing? Or any piece of equipment that has never been serviced yet continues to work optimally? Absolutely not! Likewise, the SAP system must be optimized regularly to ensure smooth organization functioning.

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Driving Business Modernization with SAP!

A technology’s light shines brightest when it strives to consistently evolve and cater to the needs of society. In today’s world, running a successful business has become quite a challenge. Organizing all its vital and smaller processes into a unified system can be immensely helpful to business owners. SAP swiftly comes to the rescue here.