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How SAP Analytics Cloud Adds Value To Your Business Planning & Decision-Making?

What is SAP Analytics Cloud?

SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) is a software as a service (SaaS) data visualization platform from SAP that consolidates business intelligence, augmented and predictive  analytics, and enterprise planning into a single cloud environment to facilitate faster data access and enhanced decision-making.
SAP Analytics Cloud is embedded in all the enterprise cloud applications of SAP, so you get analytics in the context of your business processes. The platform provides data integration, management, and analysis capabilities on a common, enterprise-grade infrastructure in the cloud for both SAP and non-SAP data.

Strategic analytics platform for all your business applications

Engaging a trusted SAP partner is critical for creating a successful end-to-end SAC implementation roadmap and gaining the desired value from your investment.

Distinguishing Factor

What Makes SAP Analytics Cloud Different from Other Cloud Analytics Solutions?

SAP Analytics Cloud solution allows you to bring together analytics and planning in a single user experience. This is achieved by supporting unique integrations to your SAP applications and seamless access to heterogeneous data sources (SAP or non-SAP).


SAP Analytics Cloud vs. Microsoft Power BI

SAP Analytics Cloud

Microsoft Power BI

Considering to move from on-premise to cloud analytics? By connecting with our experts, you can learn more about the benefits of SAP Analytics Cloud for your business.


Key Features of SAP Analytics Cloud

Analytics and Business Intelligence

Integrated Enterprise Planning

Composable Analytics

Prepackaged Business Content

Solution Benefits

How SAP Analytics Cloud Benefits Your Business?

Deploying SAP Analytics Cloud as part of your S/4HANA migration project will allow you to transition comfortably into a modern analytics environment.

Pros & Cons

Benefits & Challenges of SAP Analytics Cloud



Business Fit

Who Can Implement SAP Analytics Cloud into Their Business?

SAP Analytics Cloud can be incorporated by:

SAP Analytics Cloud is a complete data analytics and visualization solution designed for every business that seeks to improve their processes and achieve success through robust data analysis and cutting-edge technology.


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