Internet Of Things Building a connected and secure world


Our expertise across domains and technologies enables us to create a seamless IoT portfolio that connects people, process and technology.


We have helped numerous clients in domains of real estate, healthcare, retail and media to deploy smart IoT products and practices.


We have extensive experience in working with ibeacons, sensors and OBD devices that help clients redefine how they engage with and monitor their customers.


Our services center around deploying robust IoT environments. We help organizations analyze, plan, prototype and deploy IoT models and revenue streams.

An estimated 50 billion devices will be connected to the Internet by 2020. Opportunities here with IoT are limitless. Fingent’s IoT solutions describes a world of things where users are connected and communicated in a secure and intelligent fashion.

Fingent’s IoT systems help to accelerate your technological transition to an intelligent, IoT-based infrastructure by deploying the Fingent IoT System. Our broad portfolio of IoT infrastructure technologies help you Ideate IoT processes, connect and manage smart devices. These are small changes, but can have a huge impact on your business.

Building Business Transformation With IOT

Engaging Customer experience

Fingent’s IoT Suite empowers you to transform raw data into actionable insights. Know your customer behaviour and anticipate market trend better, build on customer loyalty.

Creating Business Innovation

New ideas are born when you work with new partners, new technologies, new assets, and new data streams. By increasing agility, innovation, productivity and efficiency IoT can move your enterprise forward.

Streamline business with Optimized Processes

Transparency is key in building smarter business processes. Keep track of all your employees across multiple departments and locations. Analyse business functions and results regardless of business location

Partner With Fingent

We at Fingent, ensure that IoT works in the business context of our clients. Fingent delivers technologies to enable your IoT solutions— cloud, networks and gateways, heterogeneous device support, systems capabilities, and data analytics. We provide industry-specific solutions that improve productivity and operational efficiency, with exceptional reliability and security.
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Service Focus

IoT Data Management

IoT Data Management

Fingent can help develop and deploy cloud based IoT data management solutions. We engage closely with enterprises to develop scalable architecture that can enable visualization, analytics and modelling of data from IoT devices.

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IoT Application Development

IoT Application Development

From people to process, organizations have numerous tools that keep their business ticking. Fingent works closely with organizations to understand and deploy custom build applications to connect your tools together to increase efficiency and productivity.

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IoT Consulting Services

IoT Consulting Services

Fingent brings together the industry expertise, technology knowledge and design insights to develop a scalable and robust IoT roadmap. We can help you implement the right mix of technologies to deploy IoT application that ensures better efficiency, portability and more.

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