S/4HANA Conversion

Client: Largest CPG business

About Client

Founded in 1950, with full-scale operations across regions and ambitions to scale to international markets, they are the largest CPG business in the country. One of the key challenges was that the legacy ERP systems could not keep pace with business needs. It needed a powerful, intelligent ERP system to evolve towards giving its operations a GLOBAL COMPETITIVE EDGE, greater automation, digital business operations, and digital factory operations. With a tight timeline and a strict budget, there was little room to distract employees from their daily work. Luckily, Fingent had an expert team to assist in its digital transformation.


  • Create a competitive advantage by enabling faster and more effective decision-making through digital transformation.
  • Save operational costs and optimize system management by consolidating processes carried out in different systems.
  • Streamline processes to increase productivity and business performance and enhance user experience.
  • Convert the legacy SAP ECC system quickly without impacting operational or production volumes.
  • Implement the program within a strict budget, including licenses, consulting, equipment, and support.
  • Involve process owners and key users while also keeping up with their daily work Inability to scale business operations due to IT landscape rigidity.
  • Lack of innovation in the current landscape.

Why Fingent

  • The trusted and experienced consulting team at Fingent guides the project and leads the implementation with considerable industry expertise and solutions capabilities.
  • Fingent’s distinctive competencies, consulting and project management staff quality, and ability to meet the short project timeframe.
  • Mission-critical support provided by the Fingent advisory team before and after going live.

Why SAP S/4Hana:

  • Fully remote deployment in under 7 months using Fingent SAP Services and Support, including workshops, documentation, 5-cycle system conversion from ECC to S/4HANA, 4000+ custom objects remediation, data migration, testing, training, and custom developments.
  • The organic fit of SAP S/4HANA into the existing digital landscape Alignment of the technology roadmap for SAP S/4HANA with strategic goals, operational plans, and budgets.
  • Proven and future-ready business technology foundation provided by SAP S/4HANA.


  • Intelligent ERP solution based on best practices recommended by Fingent, helping minimize customization and the cost of future system support.
  • Comprehensive cutover-plan preparation that led to a smooth transition to production.
  • Fast response time to questions and incidents and expert help with incident resolution.
  • Knowledge sharing with the internal support team, including workshops for technical specialists.
  • A solid foundation for digital business operations and digital factory initiatives, as well as the automation of all management functions.
  • Facilitated improved system management and reduced operational costs.