Business Process Outsourcing

Fingent’s BPO is heading towards a maturity level where a new form of BPO, called ‘Transformational BPO’ is evolving; it constitutes Full Process Outsourcing and Multiple Process Outsourcing. Fingent’s BPO has the potential to serve industries such as Banking & Financial Services, Media, Publishing & Entertainment backed by Value creation, Global delivery processes, new Output-based Commercial Models, and Strategic Partnerships with clients.

Indexing And Archiving Services

Indexing and archival is needed for data modeling, risk analysis, due diligence, pricing and doc-to-data integrity.Fingent offers a myriad of data extraction services serving banking, mortgage and insurance industries. Software driven double data entry mechanisms’ are used to offer 99.9% accuracy. The number of data fields vary based on customer needs.

  • Data Backup and Duplication
  • Quick Document Retrieval
  • Full Profile and Text Indexing
  • Categorized Inventory management
  • OCR or Image to Text Conversion
  • Publishing and Cataloging services
  • Paper to digital document conversion, PDF conversion
  • Secure management for all types of documents

Data Entry Services

  • Data entry from hard/soft copy to any database format
  • Insurance claims entry
  • Creation of new databases and updates to existing databases for banks, airlines, government agencies, direct marketing services and service providers
  • Data Mining , Data Cleansing and Ware housing
  • Indexing of vouchers and documents
  • Hand written ballot/cards entry
  • Online completion of surveys and responses of customers for various companies.
  • Data entry from e-book and e-magazine publications on the Internet
  • Data entry from hospital records, patient notes and accident reports
  • Business card indexing
  • Custom data export/import interfaces with audits
  • Bonded mail handling cash, credit and check processing
  • Online data entry
  • Offline Data Entry
  • Image Data Entry
  • Book Data Entry
  • Data Entry for Medical Claims
  • Data Entry for Patient Records
  • Product Registration Cards data entry
  • Shipping Documents Data Entry
  • Subscriptions Data Entry
  • Data entry surveys
  • Data Entry for credit card applications
  • Coupon Redemptions Data Entry
  • Hand written Data Entry
  • Legal document Data entry
  • Insurance claim Data Entry
  • Data Entry for Mailing List/Label
  • Data Entry for Receipt /Bill

Data Cleaning

Data cleansing is detecting and removing errors and inconsistencies in data to improve its quality. The process of Data Cleansing involves standardizing, validation, and correction of data to maximize integrity and value. Data Cleansing is multi-faceted process, and a number of problems must be addressed to solve any particular data-cleansing problem.

Fingent Data Cleansing Services
  • Identify and remove duplicates in any data
  • Identify and tag similar records
  • Correct and enhance addresses, and verify, correct or add postcodes Remove obsolete data
  • Suppress against industry standard files such as MPS, GAS, TBR and NSF.