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Infrastructure migration has grown exponentially. More and more enterprises from various fields are realizing the advantages of cloud migration and are adopting innovative infrastructure models to transform holistically. Many companies have already moved some of their operations to the cloud and are on the verge of full integration.

We can help you with the best migration strategies to overcome the challenges that come with sudden operational demands, higher operational expenses, and ineffective processes. Our migration services will also assist with your data storage requirements. Our services ensure that your geographically distributed team gains access to application-related data at all times.


Our Migration Services

Our migration services equip your business to deploy and test applications quickly over the cloud. Our development team can deploy applications through automated deployment options and eliminate compatibility and performance issues. We leverage our established blueprints and solutions to help you move quickly to the cloud for a faster time to value.

Cloud migration will give you an extremely secure storage option that is available at a reasonable operational cost. If required, the storage can easily be scaled up or down without disrupting the existing application usage. This service works best for enterprises with seasonal or periodic data storage requirements.

We keep our services up to date with new technologies and automation to maximize your cloud investment. We create an agile IT environment through seamless continuous integration of the latest technologies. We provide an inherent feature of flexible server resources for scalable server solutions.

Our effective strategies and excellence in execution can orchestrate your organizations’ digital evolution. We assist you in formulating and executing operational strategies to achieve desired outcomes by bringing in expertise in consultancy and technology. Powered by knowledge and research, we help emerging organizations achieve superior performance by leveraging cloud migration.

Why innovate your business with us

Consistent high-quality results with robust agile teams and dedicated QA practices

Highly cost-effective and best-of-breed solutions with no last minute surprises

Transparent project management with maximum adherence to deadlines

Our Unique Approach & Process

By initiating your project with Fingent, you get a dedicated and skilled team backing you up round-the-clock. All our processes are customer-oriented, designed to reduce the cost of business operations, address IT resourcing challenges, and offer you a competitive edge. We start with a deep analysis of your requirements and continue our relationship with post-launch support and updates.


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Hundreds of leading businesses have derived strategic advantages from our transformative solutions.

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The entire engagement was completely transparent and very systematic. It’s been an exceptional working experience.

Their team is completely committed to our success as a client, and they do that with their dynamic team.

They’ve also been great at meeting the needs of our timeframe versus theirs.

They go above and beyond what the typical developer interaction would be.

They were highly responsive to our needs.

We found their project management solid.

Reviews from engineers testify that their code was consistently solid and comprehensively documented.

I have been very pleased with Fingent Corporation’s user experience and design capabilities.

Fingent’s project team demonstrated passion and commitment throughout the dev cycle and it was very evident in their work.

They’re an honest company to deal with … they were always fair and reasonable.


Cloud migration is a process through which businesses shift their data, applications, and servers to a cloud-based provider. Often this requires that the data from a legacy, on-premise IT infrastructure must be moved to a public cloud. In other instances, it could also involve business migrating from one cloud-based provider to another.

The importance of cloud services is growing year by year. There are numerous benefits in growth-driven business across all industries migrating to the cloud:

  • Cost reductions
  • Freedom and flexibility
  • Facilitate remote working policies
  • Productivity-boosting work applications
  • Super scalability (expand and reduce resources with greater ease)
  • Plenty of space for a new application or more data
  • Security (app security, multi-factor authentication, etc.)

The processes involved in migrating your enterprise’s data and applications to the cloud and the products used for the migration are what cloud migration services provide. These services take away the uncertainty of moving while minimizing downtime and disruption in business.

Cloud migration problems can be intimidating to first-timers. Here are some options for your consideration.

  • IaaS cloud migration: The server is moved from a shared or local hosting server to a dedicated cloud server
  • PaaS cloud migration: The process of migration is accomplished through expertise.
  • SaaS cloud migration: This happens in phases.

Though the process differs from vendor to vendor, the core migratory process remains the same.

  • Assessment: Detailed assessment of the resources required for migration.
  • Pilot testing: One component of the main application is moved to the cloud and monitored to test and see if it is possible to move the entire app.
  • Initiate migration: A decision is made whether to move the data or the application first.
  • Move applications: The app is uploaded and checked to see if the request is functioning as intended.
  • Optimize: Users’ suggestions are implemented to save storage and bandwidth

The foremost reason is “access to data anywhere”. Migration to Cloud gives access anytime anywhere enabling the company to meet growing demands. It also provides enhanced disaster recovery and better flexibility. Since it is an extension of an organization’s IT staff, it allows them to focus on other more important activities of the business.