Business Process Re-Engineering

Superior Solutions for Critical Business Needs

Business process re-engineering involves the fundamental rethinking and redesigning of processes to achieve significant improvements in performance, efficiency and alignment of processes with organizational strategy.

Any successful institutional reform will include an analysis of current business functions and processes. This involves an investigation of elements ranging from legislation and policies to processes, guidelines and manuals. In addition to identifying the responsibilities and requirements of our clients, we know the importance of understanding the needs of traders and other stakeholders to ensure procedures take user requirements into account. We focus on core elements of business processes and scrutinize process flows to identify areas for improvements and utilize our experience in both operational and IT support functions.

Fingent’s recommendations and designs for updated business processes allow our clients to undertake activities to fulfill responsibilities efficiently and cost effectively in line with international best practice. Our approach includes mentoring and guidance to support the implementation of processes across the organization. Through business process re-engineering, we will also aim to increase internal efficiency, maximize use of resources and reduce operational costs.

Business Process Re-Engineering Proposition
  • Identify the most suitable solution based on a list of quantifiable criteria (cost, project risk/ease of implementation timelines, functionality fit) and a complex evaluation process.
  • Creation and articulation to the executive team of the business benefits arising from the various initiatives including implementation of an integrated commissions platform