Cloud Computing

Get the most out of Business Technology, using Cloud Computing

Cloud computing or “the cloud” is a kind of computing that uses shared computing resources that deliver computing resource as per demand.

Fingent’s Cloud solutions help you scale up or down according to need. Pay only for what you use, this means you can control your budgets efficiently by cutting overhead costs. We have a team of highly skilled Infrastructure specialists and developers who can help you craft the perfect Cloud solutions.

Fingent offers three types of Cloud Services to help enterprises perform better.

Benefits Of SaaS
  • Reduces time spent in installation and configuration
  • Lowers cost
  • Easy scalability and integration
  • The vendor is responsible for upgrades and security

Platform as a service (PaaS): A computing platform that allows creating applications easily without complexity of buying and maintaining software and infrastructure.

Benefits Of PaaS
  • Develop applications that are agile
  • Deploy new web applications and reduces cost
  • Reduce complexity with middleware as a service

Infrastructure as a service (IaaS): This is the next step of Cloud Computing where the service provider owns the equipment and is responsible for housing, running and maintaining it. The client using this model pays on a per-use basis.

Benefits Of IaaS
  • No need to invest in your own hardware
  • Low entry barriers
  • Flexible, innovative services available on demand
What Fingent Offers?
  • Deliver and use cloud services: Reduce complexity and collaborate more effectively. With Fingent, as your Business partner, you can choose from the widest range of cloud infrastructure services.
  • Build your future-ready cloud: Transform your data centre into a responsive, future-ready environment with Fingent’s modular building blocks, reference architectures and engineered solutions
  • Manage and integrate cloud environments: Turn your cloud environment into manageable, automated and re-discoverable offerings with Fingent’s cloud tools and services.
  • We have a proven track record of delivering ROI for our clients.