Enterprise Business Application Development (EBAP)

Extend enterprise applications and infrastructure with support for virtualization, cloud and mobile.

Enterprise Business Applications - FingentCurrent market trends have forced organizations to integrate, innovate, and evolve to stay competitive. To capture each round of efficiency, businesses need specialized knowledge to utilize the full potential of technology.

Fingent’s enterprise application development solutions can help organizations to achieve tremendous competitive advantages by allowing them to leverage an industry standard software platform as a springboard for creating advanced, technology-driven business solutions. The key to successfully deploying a solution is to have a deep knowledge of the platform’s features, functions, and design paradigms. In addition, the platform development team needs to have sufficient experience in vertical markets to be able to modify the platform to use familiar nomenclature and to accommodate its business processes. Finally, the team has to have the technical skills to configure the platform to meet particular business needs.

Fingent can help organizations to rapidly automate common business processes in an integrated fashion, while adapting to the unique requirements of an individual business. Our industry expertise enables us to quickly adapt solutions to a number of vertical markets and create customized solutions for your business, while leveraging your previous investments for continued benefits.

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Our business requires us to be agile as a company in a fast-moving, innovation-driven industry. Therefore, we must continuously improve the digital work environment that we provide our employees.The Fingent team provides us with robust methodologies and analytical frameworks to evaluate digital workspace technologies. Their ability to grasp our business processes, understanding of user experiences and thorough attention to detail makes us feel safe and secure that we are in capable hands.

Magnus Lewrén - Sony Mobile
Magnus Lewrén

Sony Mobile

Fingent built me a web based application for my website. Their price was extremely competitive, they stuck to the schedule, and delivered everything they said they were going to. The application is live and busy making me money. Great guys, great product.

Joe McHale - Bestmade Products, Inc.
Joe McHale

Bestmade Products, Inc.

Fingent is completely professional and capable of executing a multi-faceted application. They are extremely efficient in project management, keeping the client updated on project progress. There was never a challenge or curveball, and they never treated any of my questions as insignificant. They were able to create a fantastic product in a short amount of time with ongoing functionality. I have been very pleased with our relationship.

Kelly Pope - The Salvation Army
Kelly Pope

The Salvation Army

Our experience with this team has been exceptionally good. They addressed our requirements in detail, in many cases going above and beyond the scope of our project to deliver an attractive, functional and flexible product.

Ruth Bridger - VP Marketing of Xorcom Ltd
Ruth Bridger

VP Marketing, Xorcom Ltd

I would like to point out that without Fingent’s support I would have never been in a position to make this a reality. So Ajay and Sam are my guardian angels and we will do a lot together over our lifetime.Thank you to all of you.

Scott Coloney - President of Simplor
Scott Coloney

President, Simplor, Inc.

We were looking for a technology partner to increase our development capacity and also strategize with us to explore newer ways of finding innovative solutions. Fingent does its best to thoroughly understand our requirements and frequently comes up with value adds above and beyond what is requested of them.

N Nimkar - Director of Technology - TalentQuest
N Nimkar

Director of Technology, TalentQuest

Fingent completely gets what we are looking for and they go above & beyond to meet our deadlines and business objectives. The quality of their associates has proven to be superior, they not only have good technical & process skills but also great language & communication skills.

Stuart Lewtan - CEO of Zintro Inc.
Stuart Lewtan

CEO, Zintro Inc.

Fingent is a great company to work with and have in-depth and extensive experience in Project Management. They are able to take the stress off the clients shoulders and ensure that delivery in all aspects of the project are fulfilled with little management from the client. Their technical knowledge of Open Source programming languages was exceptional and really helped in delivering a great web application.

NajumKhan - NHS Intelligence
Najum Khan

NHS Intelligence

Our project with Fingent was a success! Communications were great — always clear and timely; the organization of project tasks and deliverables were highly professional; yet the team was flexible and rapidly found solutions when new requirements arose.

Shaun Strickland - Project Manager, Web-Op.
Shaun Strickland

Project Manager, Web-Op

Fingent is by far the best I have worked with. Your team is not only knowledgeable, skilled and competent, but they are conscientious, professional, patient, and dedicated to quality. This project was complex and arduous, but your team took ownership of the ideas, and worked with a passion to achieve a beautiful app.

Liam Savage - Creative Lead of OneHope
Liam Savage

Creative Lead, OneHope

I could not have been happier. Great work. The final project was far better than my original requirements as they innovated as we developed. The entire project ran on schedule and on budget. My project required multiple skillsets and Fingent brought together a strong team to get the job done. I plan to continue my relationship and will continue to work with them on future projects.

Steven King, Faculty and Head of innovations Lab, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Steven King

Founder, FilmSync

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Service Focus

Business Integration Services - Fingent

Customer Relationship Management

Used to manage customer-related information across departments. Allows for the analysis of customer preferences, tracking and organization of marketing and sales opportunities, and the efficient management of sales leads.

Project Management

Meticulous project management keeps track of adherence to schedules, and resources. We can help you by creating customized dashboards and a scalable solution to organize multiple projects and track them in real time.

Finance Management

Feature rich solutions that integrate analytical accounting, purchase and sale workflow, asset and mortgage backed investment tools, and banking operations. Scalable customized solutions focus on an organization’s KPIs.

Supply-Chain Management

Integration of supply-chain planning, procurement management, and predictive analysis. Our expertise includes efficient, cost-effective, and simplified infrastructure planning and management.

Business Process Management

Customized solutions for individual organization needs. Consulting and management services to upgrade, re-engineer, and support solutions in proven business platforms across industries.

Data Analytics and Information Management

Gathering and presenting data that lead to useful insights and help businesses identify customer preferences and market trends. Implementing better data management practices, data mining methods, and data visualization techniques.


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