Education Application Platforms

Technology that enables a smarter learning experience

An Education Application Platform is the integration of learning management systems and technologies to provide a customized, end-to-end, education solution.

With the advent of technology, education has undergone a drastic evolution. Technology redefines the learning experience through new ways of learning such as self-paced learning, remote mentoring and live coaching through the web and mobile platforms.

An organization or institute needs to have a centralized content management system, in-depth pedagogy and thorough assessment methods to create unique learning experiences. For learners, learning management, tracking, personalization and analytics help learners augment their current learning experience.

Through Fingent’s Education Application Platform, we help create effective collaboration between teachers (or trainers) and learners within an educational or business institution thereby creating an efficient learning ecosystem. The Platform accommodates integration with third party content providers, advanced Learning Management Systems, and advanced mobile solutions. Further, the platform is layered with a performance analytics engine to help keep track of learning progress. The Platform also comes with a strong content management system that helps with content aggregation. It also courses materials management, planning, and scheduling.

The application integrates with a wide range of mobile platforms, making the transfer of knowledge between learners and trainers efficient and effective. The platform can be customized according to your unique requirements as well to incorporate your learning and assessment methodologies, user roles and workflows.

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