Enterprise Content Management

Enterprises and industries always require quick assembly of unique products, launches and events. This calls for a robust and agile innovation process that ranges from idea generation to successful market execution; with many stages in between. Every stage is an important stage with critical decisions leading to success or failure of the product in the marketplace.

Fingent carries out a detailed analysis for management of the enterprise content, and puts in a process for implementation of the solution. Fingent then executes the project in a phased approach using a blended onsite-offshore model.

Key Activities Performed By Fingent Include:
  • Defining types of content, structure, rules and workflows for content creation and approval
  • Creating design templates specific to client requirements, identifying repositories, designing taxonomy, defining metadata and virtual contribution folders
  • Defining workflow and integrating with search engines for criteria based search and full-text search
  • Building the site to be accessed
  • Testing functional and technical requirements
  • Performance and load testing
  • Deployment, content migration and versioning the content