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Finance Management Application Platform - FingentGlobal financial institutions value the improvements to their portfolio and capital management, transaction management, business intelligence, and risk and compliance management from our practice’s financial service and technology offerings.

We engineer solutions leveraging our comprehensive understanding of the financial industry’s business and technology drivers. The aim is to deliver quick and innovative solutions to an industry that thrives on speed, efficiency, and bottom-line results. We have committed ourselves to understand the Financial Services Industry, which has enabled us to efficiently address the technology challenges for our clients.

Fingent combines domain expertise and intelligent technology implementations to provide comprehensive solutions that help financial services institutions address challenges such as:

  • Unprecedented Regulations
  • Increasing Competition
  • New Customer Needs
  • Evolving Financial Products

Some of our services for the finance and banking industry include

  • Internet Banking and Mobile application banking
  • Loyalty programs and rewards management system
  • Custom accounting software with integration with third party platforms like QuickBooks, SAP, etc.
  • Quote Management Systems
  • Real Time Online Auctions
  • Mobile Payment Processing
  • Capital Management Solutions
  • Loan processing
  • Mortgage Banking
  • Portfolio / Asset Management

We keep ourselves updated with the constantly changing challenges and opportunities in the Financial services industry. We work with our clients as their trusted technology partner and help them discover innovative ways to adapt to shifting regulations, achieve continuous simplification of IT and operations, improve their customer experience, and gain access to new products and markets.

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Service Focus

Mobile Solutions and Strategies for Enterprises - Fingent

Technology Consulting

Fingent helps you adopt the right IT Strategy for your business, craft simple solutions to seamlessly drive your business objectives. Furthermore our delivery practices enable us to align our solutions with your business objectives.

Mortgage Banking

Dramatic changes in the mortgage industry have forced banks to streamline processes, manage risks, and improve market share. Whether it is devising mobile solutions, monetizing data assets or delivering Web-based solutions with a rich user experience and advanced technology, we have helped organizations stay ahead of the curve with path-breaking solutions.

Investment Banking

The banking industry is under pressure, being faced with regulatory scrutiny, rising capital adequacy requirements, shrinking margins and impending growth concerns across asset classes. We have successfully delivered and deployed solutions for our clients that answer future challenges as well as meeting their initial requirements.

Business Integration Services - Fingent

Property Investments

Property investment is an information intensive sector utilizing a vast amount of data throughout the life cycle of the project. We can help create efficiency in information exchange at various stages of your project. It is critical to maintain the timeline for making vital business decisions.

Mobile Marketing - Fingent

Cloud Strategies

Fingent provides a complete solution that supports the design, development and deployment of enterprise applications by utilizing the agility & cost effective attributes of the cloud. We preach and practice cloud strategy to eliminate barriers to innovation, transforms enterprise applications into cost-effective solutions.

Mobile Marketing - Fingent


Smartphones and tablet computing have created new business opportunities, especially by providing personalized services to customers. Business are also utilizing the advantage of mobility to connect with field agents and vendors better.


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